Hoping this changes.


I’m hoping and praying it’s only this year I feel this way.

I still believe in what America stood for (and still stands for for most people).   But today, I have to admit, I’m ashamed to be an American.   Not because I don’t love my country, but ironically, because I do.  I know we’re better than this.   I hope we can find our way out of the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

7 thoughts on “Hoping this changes.

  1. It’s darkest before the dawn. When I’m feeling down, I remind myself that I’ll soon feel good again. Best times follow worst. Hmm… Maybe I’m bipolar.


  2. This year I noticed the flags all over town and wondered just how patriotic all my neighbors feel with the political upheaval we are enduring. One of the things that brings me hope, is that a full 1/3 of all those flags are flying upside down this year.


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