Help wanted! I’m looking for ex-Trump supporters.


Former Trump supporters who had a change of heart and turned against Trump — or even joined the resistance! — seem to be pretty rare.  In fact, I don’t personally know of one Trump supporter who has changed their mind about him.   I’m sure there must be at least a few out there.   There just has to be.  Right?

My daughter’s ex boyfriend was a Trump supporter, and a few months ago I wrote about a conversation we had where he seemed to consider my point of view.  But he never actually changed his mind and to this day, he still thinks Trump is doing a good job (this is one of the reasons my daughter broke off their relationship).

Because former Trump supporters seem to be as rare as blue diamonds, I’m on a quest to find one, and publish their story here on my blog.

If you fit this description and want to tell your story, please leave a note in the comments.

I am only interested in stories from bona fide ex-Trump supporters, not people who  were lukewarm about him and decided to give him a chance — or from Bernie Sanders fans who voted for Trump as a protest vote against Hillary.

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  1. There aren’t any ex-Trump supporters. They have all doubled down on the Fox News.

    My own father, who is an evangelical minister and a licensed clinical social worker, text messaged me a few minutes after Trump signed his unnecessary Executive Order for a policy he could have cancelled with a phone call since it was his own policy and NOT a law, according to no less than Lindsey Graham. He texted, “I believe Pres Trump is doing a great job! The hatred demonstrated by the opposition is treasonous.”

    Not long ago my father called Fox News, “yellow journalism”. Now my own father has turned to the Dark Side and can’t be saved.

    Also, I’ve been reading your website for a very long time. Thank you for being normal.

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    • It’s so weird. It’s like Trump has some supernatural hold over them, like he has them under a spell. He’s a classic cult-leader type. It’s very difficult to get someone to leave a cult once they’re in it too, and I’m convinced Trumpism is a cult.


  2. I doubt most of them who realised that they endorsed a tyrant want to be unworthy person as tRump would be eager to admit it. Hugs

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  3. Rare birds, indeed, from what I’ve seen. If found, I’m sure they will have an interesting story to tell. There was an article recently about a guy who quit the Incel community (If that’s the right word) and actually got a date. The ex-Trumpers may have similar tales to tell. I’ll reblog this, and if any respond there I’ll redirect them to you.

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  4. Nobody yet? Wow. Not too surprising though, it seems to go against human nature to rethink a major decision. Confirmation Bias is a very real thing, unfortunately.

    Yesterday, a super conservative Christian, who lives in the heart of Texas, told me in a comment conversation on his blog that he “repents of having voted for Trump.” He said: “I wish now that I had not voted for anyone at all.”

    So there’s one, the only one I know about. However, I don’t think he would qualify under your criteria. I suspect he was a disgruntled Bernie Sanders fan, voting for Trump in protest.

    Earlier today I posted about Melania Trump taking a tour of a border facility in Texas, supposedly to see first hand what was happening with the immigrant children. At first, I thought that what she did was great. But then, more details came trickling out. Like the fact that she wore a jacket on the flight down there that has the words: ‘I Don’t Care. Do U?’ emblazoned across it. Also, the facility she toured is not anything like where the very young children, torn from their mother’s arms, are locked up in cages. So… I deleted my post.

    I keep remembering my elderly neighbor I knew 20 years ago, who had immigrated to the US from Germany soon after the end of WW2. Helga was such a nice, friendly, motherly neighbor. But one day, when it was just the 2 of us in her kitchen, she confided that Hitler had been the victim of a lot of bad press. “He was a great leader,” she said. “He did so much good for our country!”

    i listened silently, in too much shock to speak. Then I never went back to her house.

    People really don’t like to change their minds. As for me, I am still glad that I voted Libertarian in the 2016 presidential election. I just wish a lot more people had done the same.

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    • Nope, no one yet.

      Confirmation bias is VERY real, and apparently, a very powerful force! There is also something called the Dunning-Kruger effect, which basically means that uninformed/ignorant people are less likely to be open to opposing evidence/information. Ignorance itself makes people think they are smarter than they really are. I don’t know if I’m describing it that well. But that’s another reason why so few Trump supporters change their minds.

      Wow about your German neighbor. I read that most people who supported Hitler were just everyday folks who were your next door neighbors or would be generous and kind otherwise. The banality of evil is real. I know people who seem perfectly nice who voted for and support Trump, but I just can’t trust them anymore. Not now. He has shown his true colors and anyone who still supports him is supporting pure evil.

      Yes, there are evangelicals and religious Christians who do not support Trump and some who even think he’s the antichrist. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but he is definitely evil and his agenda is NOT of God.

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  5. I wonder if a bunch of “supporters” are doubling down, hoping that perhaps this rash of craziness is genius in disguise and they don’t want to throw him under the bus, because what would that make them? I can’t even speak about any of the recent goings on with anyone because I’m grossly outnumbered where I’m at and am too busy trying to get work hours and read stimulating literature and play with my dog to drown myself (voluntarily or otherwise) in FUX “news.”

    The narcissism bug is catching–the followers hope to be “brilliant by association,” but I don’t think it’s going very well.

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  6. …Literally no one would “join the resistance” and become a narcissistic, racist, hatemongering feminist who is suddenly impervious to evidence and facts, just because they no longer support Trump as a politician and/or president. There are a great many people – obviously, since you see them so frequently – who used to refer to themselves as “Trump supporters” and who no longer do. The biggest time when a large number of people did this at once was due to a misinterpretation/belief in false reporting about the first or second time when strikes in Syria were reported in that way. A lesser number of people stopped supporting or liking Trump as a politician because they knew the correct info about what he did with those two strikes in Syria, but they did not approve of that either. (The correct info is that he strictly and successfully targeted individual building in which ISIS member sor other terrorists were gathered and did not kill civilians with his strike, and also that this attack was not in opposition the the man that America considered to be the current legitimate president of Syria.) Of course there are other reasons, either individual things as well as performance and proposals over time, why people have changes their level of support or Trump, either liking him more or liking him less over time as as a result of these individual things. It is absolutely 100% guaranteed however that none of them suddenly became racist assholes who hate who hate white people, support “affirmative action”, support the reasoner beating and torture of mentally disabled people as the “Black Lives Matter” group supports, suddenly believe that it is acceptable to beat and punch random people in the street because they are a specific color or because they did not voter for the exact same politicians as you did, think that nuking Russia for no reason as Hillary guaranteed herself to do if she had been elected was suddenly an acceptable or good idea, or the other atrocities that are committed by some and supported by every other of their people who would refer to their political group, defined by things such as constantly shouting how much they oppose Trump and by feminism, as “the resistance”.


  7. They are not at all rare. It’s just hard to show their faces after the embarrassing realizations set in. CNN actually interviewed a guy recently about his regrets. Also, check the archived TYT videos on youtube. There are more than you think. That should be evident after the Kavanaugh debacle. Just type in cnn, trump regret, at youtube and you will find some of them. But really think about it. Supporting a person like that becomes increasingly shameful the more awake you are. (Math wise, the house always wins so a casino is NOT easy to bankrupt. Never heard of that til him. So either hw knows NOTHING about odds or he was skimming off the top the entire freaking time, robbing the very casino customers who voted for him. But stupid is as stupid does.

    It’s just scary that people here don’t know the danger of interchanging facts with opinions, and that they double down again and again in the face of horrific facts. Americans seem very blinded by their celebrity idol/worship… to the point where they can’t see the most dangerous parts of history repeating itself. They romanticize an extreme ugly history. You can’t expect them to see that they are the very people who would help the next genocide/holocaust/oppression-fest come to be, smfh). All I know is that both parties are beholden to their donors and if Americans don’t wake up and vote smarter by 2020, I’m done. I can join my ex-pat/nomadic friends. I won’t co-sign this bs and have my name on this ugly corruption. It’s too creepy. I’d have more respect for local news if they would stop telling me that I’m making ice cubes wrong. They could have used that time to describe in detail the favorite books of Bannon when he was appointed. Or tell the average doofus what Stephen Miller did to fellow students in high school/college. His eyes told me enough, shudder to think of HIM as president.

    Try forums where Independents chat. Independents are made up of all kinds of people. People are definitely defecting. And they’re also moving away from the politicians who continue to be slaves to their big donors. The only way to get rid of both Democratic and Republican brown nosers is to ignore them at voting time and choose people who have true integrity. Neither party will matter after that. It’s just hard when people mindlessly vote based on a slanted ad. Waking happens in waves though. Wake fast, wake fast!

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