Exhausted and depressed.

I was going to write a post about my vacation, which I returned from yesterday (it rained the whole way driving home).

I’m so sorry, but I’m just depressed and tired and not up to putting a new post together today, especially one which requires uploading photographs and deciding which ones to use.

Part of my problem is suffering from my usual PVD (post-vacation depression), as well as exhaustion from both the long drive and my generally depressed emotional state right now (which seems to have lots to do with watching my nation split apart and turn into a shithole country before my eyes). I’m pretty traumatized by the whole sad political situation here, which doesn’t seem to be getting better and may in fact be getting a lot worse.

I’m having trouble coping with life in general. I’ve lost interest in lots of things that used to interest me, or I just can’t get myself motivated to do them. Trusting people is hard, and politically we are so divided that neighbors and even family members and previous friends can seem to be enemies.

I did have a great time away in Florida last week, and I have lots of wonderful photos and stories to tell, and I intend to share that with all of you soon, but I’m just not up to it right now, so please be patient.

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  1. I feel the same way. I was at the dentist where everything costs thousands. I feel like I’m playing Monopoly and just landed on Park Place ( as a tenant). I wish you we wouldn’t worry so much. The Democrats are winning. Unless we have a civil war which could happen given the recalcitrance of Trump supporters.

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  2. Take your time…I’m way behind on reading blogs anyway. 😉

    The trouble with politics is the sense of not being able to do anything, even in a democracy. Years ago, I read a series of history books from Time-Life, and particularly in the books on Asia (China?) the same thing kept happening: A reformer would come along, make wonderful changes, then the conservatives would take over and erase it all. It’s one reason I eventually became a liberal.

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  3. I read once that the standard vacation allowance should be six weeks. That’s two weeks to get unwound from work and in actual vacation mode, two weeks of the vacation, and two weeks to recover from the vacation. BTW, where I am in Western NC, it rained pretty much all week. Take all the time you need. Your work is worth waiting for.

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