Hey Mickey (Toni Basil)

This song from 1982 has been stuck in my head for two days.   Major nostalgia!  I just learned Toni Basil was 39 years old when she made this video.    This is one of the greatest one hit wonders ever made.


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Recovering from BPD and C-PTSD due to narcissistic abuse from childhood. Married to a sociopath for 20 years. Proud INFJ, Enneagram type 4w5. Animal lover, music lover, cat mom, unapologetic geek, fan of the absurd, progressive Catholic, mom to 2, mental illness stigma activist, anti-Trumper. #RESISTANCE
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3 Responses to Hey Mickey (Toni Basil)

  1. dray0308 says:

    I remember roller skating to this song when I was a kid. The problem I have when it gets stuck in my head is I only know about 10 words so those same words just roll around in my noggin until it drives me bonkers. lol

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  2. Cyranny says:

    Oh my… Thank you L… I’ll have it in the back of my mind all day long, now!! LOL (when it happens, I am always tempted to clap my hands… which my boss doesn’t like very much, when I am at the office :P)

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