We must stop snubbing never-Trump conservatives.


Sign at the Rally for ACA (Obamacare), February 26, 2017, Asheville, NC

Most of us in the Resistance — though we largely lean to the left — have come to accept never-Trump conservatives as part of our movement.  A few of them — Steve Schmidt, Nicolle Wallace, and Robert Mueller (a Republican appointed by George W. Bush after 9/11 and whose decisions often have leaned conservative) — have become like heroes to many of us “lefties.”   That’s because we recognize that, while we may not always agree with their Republican politics, these are men and women of integrity and morals, people who believe in the rule of law and the Constitution as it was written by the Founding Fathers (and not as the Kochs and Mercers would like to rewrite it to benefit only themselves and their oligarch cronies).   These people, because they possess morals and ethics, never hopped aboard the Trump Train. They never caved to the pressure to vote for Trump in the 2016 election just because he had an R after his name, because they recognized that Trump was neither a conservative or a liberal, but something else altogether — something alien and threatening: a radical disrupter of the American way.  So, most of these conservatives wound up either not voting, or voting for Hillary Clinton — as both Bushes and many other Republicans did.

While we liberals (actually, I’m not that far left — I’m just left of center) may not agree with conservatives on specific partisan issues (how to best handle the economy, government spending, the social safety net, and cultural issues), what we have in common with the Never-Trump conservatives is a strong belief that democracy is the system that has always worked best, that checks and balances are necessary to keep a democracy in healthy working order, and that a free press and freedom of speech is absolutely necessary to avoid falling prey to despotic or authoritarian leadership.  We also all agree that Trump is a clear and present danger both to our democracy, and to our national security.    All of us understand that he is attempting to destroy the institutions and the checks and balances that have kept us (until recently) the leader of the free world.  We also recognize his potential danger to the world.    We have always known he was unfit to serve in any capacity where he is responsible for life and death issues affecting millions of innocent people.

There are, unfortunately, still some holdouts in the resistance who are distrustful or antagonistic of anyone with an R after their name, even when it’s evident they have never supported the Trump regime and may even be extremely opposed to it.    Now is not the time for people on the left to be purists.   It’s bad enough when I see infighting among different factions on the left (or really, anything to the left of center-right):  Hillary and Bernie supporters are STILL fighting with each other.  WHY?  Neither is sitting in the White House today.   But some of the hardcore Bernie supporters still seem to feel like Hillary would have been worse than Donald Trump  — that’s how much they hated Hillary.    I see a similar refusal of some people on the left to accept Never-Trump conservatives as part of the Resistance, but again, we can’t afford to be political purists, and we need all the support we can get, even if we disagree on specific issues.

I do understand the reluctance, because it’s kind of strange and surreal for someone who has always voted for liberal or Democratic candidates to look at someone who always voted straight Republican until the 2016 election as an ally.   But in times like these, when a strong resistance is necessary to help bring down the cabal of sociopaths currently running our government, we all must change our ways of thinking and be more inclusive, even of those whose politics may normally be vastly different from ours.   We must set aside the temptation to be political purists because purism is for more peaceful, stable times, not for times like these.

If we reject Trump and believe in our system of checks and balances,  then it makes no difference whether we are Democrat, Independent, Green, Libertarian, or Republican — at the end of the day, we are all on the same side and we need to stick together and fight to save our country from the claws of fascism and tyranny.  It’s the Trumpists who will never be able to join us, and together, we far outnumber them.

If you’re a conservative reading this who hates Trump, don’t be shy!  Don’t be afraid to attend our rallies, meetings, marches, and comment on our social media posts.   We’re not all the  scary dreadlocked and tattooed radical lefties you might think we are.   That we’re all anything-goes anarchists, closet Commies, or Antifa members is a myth the right wing media wants you to believe.

The reality is most of us are just regular folks with regular jobs, kids, grandkids, and we may even go to church.  Many of us are older or even retired.    We just don’t want America to turn into something we don’t recognize.  In fact, it could be said we’re the real conservatives, because we want to conserve the values America has always stood for, instead of the sordid and un-American values Trumpism represents.


List of Republicans who opposed the Trump Presidential Campaign, 2016


7 thoughts on “We must stop snubbing never-Trump conservatives.

  1. Oy! These “partisan differences” you seem willing to sweep under the carpet make all the difference in the world. Do you realize these bloody conservatives want to privitize Social Security? I’m afraid I’m gonna have to hold a grudge on that one. I don’t want to end my life eating cat food.

    Sure we can use them to fight Trump. Allies don’t have to trust each other or. even like each other. We can effectively work towards common goals but never forget what they are. You think they’re committed to democracy? They’ve been Gerrymandering and denying the vote to. democrats long before Trump.

    Far leftists don’t even like Bernie and they snub The Resistance for being too bourgeois.


    • I hear you. I don’t agree with them about certain issues, certainly not social security, etc. But it’s really the Koch and Mercer conservatives and the Freedom Caucus types like Paul Ryan that want to take away those things, and they tend to be Trump supporters. The never Trumpers don’t want to take away the social safety net, although they may complain a lot about “government spending” and might be against single payer healthcare.
      The people who are gerrymandering districts are generally oligarchs and their cronies who agree with the Koch Bros’ plan to rewrite the Constitution and are almost always Trump supporters (because Trump will let them get away with whatever they want).

      The Never Trump people are not like the oligarchs, even though they might believe in less spending on social programs, more spending on military, be pro-life, etc. You know, the usual conservative talking points that aren’t that shocking to us. We don’t have to agree with them, but we can stand together against the Trump regime. Later we can go back to particulars.

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  2. It is always to the tyrant’s advantage to keep those who oppose him focused on whatever they disagree about and amplify those disagreements rather than what they do agree about, especially the danger he represents.

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  3. Or what if we don’t get ‘politics’ – because we don’t get ‘social stuff’ (the way most people seem to)?

    What if we simply see the party (group) of ‘glorious leader’ as ‘a pack of bullies, with orange-skinned wretch at its’ head’ and understand they must be stopped ‘come what may’?


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