Keane: Somewhere Only We Know

Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know,” released in 2004, seems like it’s from another lifetime, because everything has changed so much since then.   It seems like the world was more innocent then and so were we.   Fourteen years is a long time, but not so long to make me feel like we’re in an entirely different eon.    This piano rock ballad, already melancholy enough, is made even more so for me for this reason.   I still love this song.


9 thoughts on “Keane: Somewhere Only We Know

  1. It doesn’t seem SO long ago–like only yesterday: that’s when our son was born–until I remember: EZboard was still a thing. Youtube was not. We still had dialup. I had only just started downloading MP3s because they were just legalized (and it took forever to download one). And that baby is now a teenager taller than me. :O

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  2. It’s funny I don’t remember this song but a lot of songs sounded like this. lol. I do like it though.
    14 years does seem all the more innocent given where we are now. Cell phones were still not the big deal they are now. I think I got my first cell in 2002. And I didn’t use it much. Still no texting in 2004 either.


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