What happened to the reblog button?

Why did WordPress take it away?


19 thoughts on “What happened to the reblog button?

  1. Otter, I was wondering the same thing. I hadn’t been on for a few days, and when I got back on I couldn’t find the reblog button. The “Press This” button works in a similar fashion, but it’s not the same. I prefer the reblog button.

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    • I just went to Forums and lots of people seem upset about this, but no one seems to have an answer yet as to what happened. I certainly hope it’s a glitch and is being worked on, and not another one of WordPress’ “improvements” that are not.
      I don’t like the Press This feature and I never use it.

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  2. The reblog button is one of the few things wp.com has that self-hosted doesn’t, and I’ve always wanted one. I don’t know why they’d remove it–especially since the Press This button no longer works on self-hosted. They said you could download it, but the plugin doesn’t do anything except allow you to put a Press This button in your own browser, NOT on the website. I just want people to be able to reblog me easily, darn it! 😛 I know I’m not the only one–especially seeing wp.com people get upset over losing the reblog button. Hopefully it’s just a glitch!

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    • It seems like they are trying to cover up something — like maybe it’s going to be a paid feature now (which would really piss me off)
      Maybe not, but I’m getting suspicious. It’s been almost a week. Lots of people complaining in the forums about this.

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  3. I’ve never understood people who objected to reblogging. I’ve always thought it was a) incredibly flattering and b) a way to find other people’s blog and be found by them. Win-win.
    I just hope WP isn’t planning on making the Reblog button another thing we’re ‘encouraged’ to pay for [like no ads].

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    • It is very annoying. Sure, there are other ways to “reblog,” but they are either time consuming or they don’t protect original content from being edited. The reblog button allowed others to link to your post and include the first part of it without them being able to edit any of your content.


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