20 ways to lose followers.

I just saw this under “related posts” under my last post and thought it was good enough to deserve a reblog.

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As a blogger, I admit I’m guilty of doing some of these things myself.  So I’m writing this  post as a reminder to myself to stop doing these things, and hope other bloggers can take away something from this list too.

1. Don’t allow comments.

Some blogs, especially those dealing with mental illness or abuse, don’t allow comments because negative comments can be very triggering to people struggling with these things, and you are going to get negative comments.   It can’t be avoided.  But as a general rule, it’s good to allow comments because it makes your blog more interactive.  Real conversations get started that way and build a feeling of community, which can make your followers stick around and your blog more engaging.

2. Be a comment nazi. 

Some bloggers don’t want anyone to disagree with them and will not approve or delete comments that question the blogger’s…

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5 thoughts on “20 ways to lose followers.

  1. Thank you so much for reblogging yourself!! This post is totally worth reading, for any blogger! I was about to say that #10 was my favorite advice… Then I read #13 (I burst out in laughter at the image of randomly slapping people in the face in a crowd!! LOL LOL LOL) and then #14 (AMEN!!!!)

    Ex.cel.lent post 🙂

    Message to bloggers reading my comment: Click on that link!! 🙂

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