The dead mall in town.

Nothing much has changed since I first wrote this (the DMV isn’t there anymore though). Incredibly, it’s still open!

Lucky Otters Haven

Entering the Innsbruck Mall. Notice the 1970s era tile pattern on the gleaming white tile floor and the fake gaslight.

I finally got my registration this morning. My car’s legal!

But I’ve already said enough about the registration ordeal. This post isn’t about that. It’s about the building the DMV registration and title office is in.

It’s housed in a dead mall. The Innsbruck Mall in Asheville, NC to be exact. The mall is small but so famous it’s featured on, one of my favorite websites.

I love dead malls. They’re cavernous, creepy, and so very nostalgic.

The indoor mall’s heyday was the late 1950s through probably the 1990s, with their peak in popularity occurring in the 1970s and 1980s. After that, they seemed to lose popularity quickly in favor of the “big box” stores like Target, Walmart and Staples. No doubt the rise of online shopping had…

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  1. We’ve got a mall here that has two stores and a movie theater left in it that remain open. Once the two businesses leave (not the movie place) the city plans on conversion to an indoor condo unit with a health center, rec center and lounge area. It is also supposed to have small apartments for the section 8 housing on one end. I think it is a great plan.

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