The Bernie vs . Hillary wars must stop.


Just replace Cruz with Trump in this cartoon.  Stop it. Please!


Joy Ann Reid of MSNBC was just talking about the way divisiveness among liberals is keeping us from coming together to fight the Trump administration and take back Congress and the Senate.

She is right.   I’ve seen way too much animosity and hatred between groups of liberals on social media and the comments sections of political articles.

I’ve seen some Bernie Sanders purists who hate the DNC and Hillary Clinton even more than they hate the GOP.  I’ve seen them embrace and spread crackpot conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton that seem  indistinguishable from fake news coming from the alt-right.   Indeed, many of these anti-establishment liberals even voted for Trump as a vote against Clinton (all that mattered to them is he’s anti-establishment too and wants to tear everything down).

I’ve also seen some Clinton supporters bash and vilify people who supported Sanders, blaming their failure to vote last November (or god forbid, even vote for Trump) for Trump winning the election (even though the Electoral College, Russian collusion, fake ads, voter suppression, rich oligarchs, and Fox News probably had a lot more to do with his win than a few disgruntled Hillary-haters).  They have their own crackpot conspiracy theories about Sanders, which I won’t bother repeating here.

Neither group listens to the other point of view or tries to find common ground.    They act no different than Trump’s base, who refuse to listen to reason or facts.

Liberals (and even centrists and never-Trump conservatives) must stop the infighting immediately.    Our democracy is in grave danger and our planet may be on the chopping block too, if there is nuclear war.     I don’t care who you supported or voted for last November — both Bernie and Hillary lost the election.   It matters not one iota now.   The divisiveness among us is undermining our ability to fight back against the real enemy which is the one holding all the cards right now.

We can all agree that things are really bad and Trump is a clear and present danger.    We can all agree this travesty of a presidency must end before something really terrible happens.    So it makes me scratch my head whenever I see people hating on each other over whether Bernie or Hillary was the better candidate.  This is about America’s future — not American Idol!

So please stop it now.  Let’s come together and find common ground, which I suspect there’s a lot more of than our differences.


7 thoughts on “The Bernie vs . Hillary wars must stop.

  1. Finally ! A voice of reason.

    To be honest it’s the ultra- left, the Bernie supporters , who are still bashing Hillary to this day. Ex. The Young Turks on You Tube. The fake news that they had spread against Hillary was hideous .

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    • I know. I just skip all that garbage. I’ve had to block a few of the more extreme Bernie supporters — even though I preferred Bernie myself (I voted for HRC in the election but for Bernie in the primaries). The hatred on the far left is as bad as on the far right and I’m really sick of it. So immature.

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  2. When I think back to all the “news” and anti-Bernie/anti-Hillary memes I saw on FB (I’m not on Twitter) I can’t help connecting them with the now revealed Russian trolls and their maneuvering with the sole purpose of spreading division and amplifying discontent. People on all sides need to wake up and get it that they have been falling for it, whatever the source, and focus on the real threat. Politics is supposed to be the Art Of The Possible, not scorched Earth/my way or the highway absolutism. Everybody else needs to leave that to the Trump-Pence-Oligarch gang.

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    • I agree. There’s no place for political purism right now. We can’t afford it. I’ve also heard about the Russian ads against HRC — some of which promoted Bernie and targeted those fake news stories toward liberals (knowing doing so would undermine support for Hillary and help Trump win). We need to be a lot more mindful about what we read on the internet, especially social media. It’s really dangerous for all of us when you can’t even trust what you read anymore.

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  3. Bernie did NOT lose the election. He lost the Primary and Hillary lost the election. Bernie out-polled both Hillary and Trump but he wasn’t allowed to run. Hillary got her way. She was finally the candidate of the Democratic Party and she blew it. Her campaign was weak.

    I have seen Leftists dissing Bernie and Hillary and insisting they are worse than Trump. Bernie supported Hillary’s candidacy and most of use voted for her. Now she writes a book blaming Bernie for her loss. Sure, the Right-wing machine that slandered Hillary was vile. But Hillary’s response in debates was just to smile a superior-looking smile as if she was above it all. It didn’t work. We need to united behind Bernie now.

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    • Personally, I think if the DNC had put Bernie up as the candidate instead of Hillary, he would have won easily over Trump. Even some Trump supporters are ok with Bernie and might have even voted for him. He seems to care more about the plight of the working class, after all. He’s actually been able to reach some of Trump’s base at his rallies in places like KY and WV where Hillary hasn’t been able to. I’ve even seen a few comments from Trump supporters on sites like Breitbart admit Bernie seems like a “good guy.” Some hate him, sure (OMG, he’s a SOCIALIST!), but not to the same degree they hate Hillary. The alt-right hates the “establishment” more than they hate socialism (and who can really blame them?) Someone like Bernie may be necessary to finally reach them and get them on our side.

      Unfortunately, the DNC thumbed their nose at him and selected Hillary instead as their candidate (and so yes, the DNC may be complicit and I do think they are beholden to Big Money and the oligarchs, but are “nicer” about it).

      Still, there’s no way HRC would be a danger to us the same way Trump is (despite what Trump supporters say). We just would have had more of the same. I prefer change myself, just not the kind of change Trump is bringing about.

      The continued arguments over Bernie and Hillary at this point are just stupid and pointless. I hope Bernie runs again in 2020 (or someone like him) and I hope the DNC wakes up and smells the coffee and stops trying to push people who are really just Republican-lites. But until that happens, I will vote for whoever isn’t going to turn us into a dystopian banana republic, a fascist theocracy, or get us blown up by rogue countries with nukes, even if I don’t agree with all their policies or positions.

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