32 million Americans’ healthcare rests on one vote!

Whether or not 32 million Americans lose healthcare through the ACA (Obamacare) or get to keep it now depends on one vote : Lisa Murkowski’s.    Senator John McCain has stated he “cannot in good conscience vote for this bill,” in spite of the fact he is friends with Lindsey Graham, one of the authors of the Graham-Cassidy bill.   He has proved to me he is a man of integrity by his refusal to cave to politics over people.

But, as you probably know, Murkowski is being bribed by the GOP and Mitch McConnell. They told her if she voted yes on the bill, that HER state of Alaska would get to keep Obamacare (which means they know it works better than their plan).

While I think Murkowski has a conscience and won’t fall prey to their bribery and will do the right thing, I’m not sure of this. She hasn’t stated how she will vote.

So we all need to CALL HER OFFICE AND TELL HER TO VOTE NO ON GRAHAM CASSIDY!  Make sure you thank her for voting no the last time and remind her that she did the right thing by doing that. 

You can call her at 202-224-6665.  WE NEED HER NO VOTE!

8 thoughts on “32 million Americans’ healthcare rests on one vote!

  1. Considering the content of that bill, Senator Murkowski really is in a position to know they are lying to her and Alaska may well be the state most harmed under it. BTW, I would like to see John McCain replace Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader in the Senate, unlikely as that might be.

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    • I would too. McCain has integrity and I think he tries to follow the law and be honest with the people. Which is more than I can say for most of the ghouls in Senate/Congress and in the Trump admin. right now. Unfortunately, since he has a deadly form of brain cancer, I doubt he will ever be majority leader in the Senate or hold a position of power in the Republican party again. Even if he should survive, he’s too old. But right now he still has a strong influence and that’s a good thing.

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