Please save our healthcare!


The GOP is at it again.  Like Michael Myers, it just keeps rising from the dead.

Yes, they’re trying to ram through a new version of Trumpcare — and this one’s even crueler than the previous two  — an estimated 32 million people would lose healthcare.  Insurers would be allowed to refuse to insure you for pre-existing conditions (a previous pregnancy would be considered a pre-existing condition, meaning most women would be affected).  Like the first bill, premiums would go up exponentially for older people.   It also eliminates the Medicaid expansion.   And Planned Parenthood.   It discriminates against women, especially older women like myself who are not old enough for Medicare.  It punishes the poor and middle class.  If you’re not wealthy and develop a serious illness like cancer, it will be your death sentence.

This is the worst bill yet, and they are very close to passing it.  All so Trump can have his WIN and they can get their tax breaks.  At our expense.  They are relentless.  They must be stopped.

They have until September 30th to pass it, but if it passes, the ACA (Obamacare) will be gone forever.   If they lose, the ACA stays indefinitely (until something better, like single payer, comes along).

I HATE that we have to beg our own government not to kill us, but unfortunately this is what we must do.    Jam the phone lines!  Please!   It’s literally a matter of life and death for millions of people.

We need all hands on deck over the next few days. Call your reps & tell them to vote NO on the Graham-Cassidy bill: (202) 224–3121.

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12 thoughts on “Please save our healthcare!

      • Truly outrageous, I’m just reading about it now(I’m in Ireland). Surely there will be so much uproar before September 30th, it can’t possibly be allowed to pass?

        “Among those who issued a joint statement opposing it were the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, the March of Dimes and the lobbying arm of the American Cancer Society.

        “Much of the proposal just repackages the problematic provisions of the Better Care Reconciliation Act,” which the Senate rejected in July, the groups said.”

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        • It’s much worse than the BCRA. And they don’t care that most medical organizations, hospitals, and doctors are against it. The oligarchy that runs things and has WAY too much power and money (which has corrupted them) want to dismantle and destroy our safety net. If making healthcare unaffordable for most people crashes the healthcare market (which it will), so be it. Their aim is not even greed at this point, it’s slow mass genocide. Of course they will get richer anyway, off the subsidies they woudl otherwise be paying. Those subsidies will stay in their pockets as a huge tax break, so they really don’t even give a damn what happens to the healthcare markets.


          • I completely understand what you are saying. I guess I’m living in hope that they won’t want to risk the astronomical backlash of destroying healthcare for millions.

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