Freaked out by Irma.

Yes, I know it’s still far too soon to know exactly where (and if) Irma will hit the United States, but  I just saw a report on the news (MSNBC)  that terrified me.

It showed that Irma, which is expected to be another devastating hurricane like Harvey, is expected to keep moving west and then could possibly turn north once it hits the Florida peninsula, moving along either the Atlantic or the Gulf Coast (no way to know yet).

When I looked it up online, I couldn’t find anything but this.

As a worrywart and a mom, this put the fear of God in me.   My son lives in west-central Florida, right along the Gulf Coast, and has no plans to evacuate even if his area takes a direct hit.

There’s nothing I can do except pray and beg him to stock up on bottled water.   I know it’s way early to be this worried, but I can’t help it.



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  1. It is because you care so much about other people. I am so hopeful as well after hearing reports on MSNBC. Did some checking online finding the Leeward Islands seeming to be its’ next target on the map. This same report reports uncertainty of this hurricane moving to the United States however, putting the Caribbean on watch.

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  2. As a mother, you never quit worrying about your children. He knows you care. The predictions are just that….thinking something MIGHT happen. It has every chance of hitting Virginia as Florida right now. Keep the faith.

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  3. I hope your son will change his mind if this storm heads his way. If Irma does hit the US, no matter where, somebody I care about is likely to be in her path. For now, we can only watch and wait, and, yes, worry.

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  4. Well, let’s face it. Harvey is still all over the news and visuals of the flooding and devastation still haven’t left the airwaves. This is reminiscent of when Katrina came–a few weeks later, Rita. The news media wouldn’t stop showing Katrina footage and managed to make the entire Houston metro area forget that we’re not a fishbowl surrounded by three bodies of water like N.O. was. Then it led to the mass evac and hundred plus deaths.

    The news media needs to put perspective in place, and I’m glad they ARE focusing more on Irma. There is still a storm season going on–Harvey won’t be the last. I’m from Houston and I want them to focus on something else, because others need to prepare, but not get hyped up info. We don’t want another mass panic on our hands. It’s why I hate the news media.

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