Holding onto anger.


4 thoughts on “Holding onto anger.

  1. Even if you had been hurt in some way by someone or more than one person even, its well worth the time to let go of the anger. Sometimes counseling & therapy are in order, dependent upon how much & what kind of damage was done. So taking responsibility to go & get that if needed is a good first step. Pain probably will never go away but the anger can if you’re really determined to want it to.


  2. Any suggestions as to how? I already began meditating, I’m about to begin with a new therapist, and I had made significant progress in the last 8 months…until a first date went so awfully wrong last month that I had to call the cops to get the person out of my apartment, and I’ve filed an Order of Protection that still hasn’t been served. It feels as though my personhood and my boundaries have been completely ignored, and that is infuriating.


    • Be patient with yourself. It will take time. You may need to stay angry for a bit longer. Keep meditating and seeing your therapist. Don’t worry, it will pass.


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