Changed my profile.

My blog has changed since I started it almost three years ago.   Although I still write about narcissistic abuse, I’ve expanded from my personal experience of it to the national experience of it under the new president.

I also write a lot more articles that have nothing or little to do with narcissistic abuse. I find that as my healing progresses, I have little need to write about my own experience anymore.     We all grow and change, and my painful past just isn’t a place where I want to spend too much time anymore.    It happened, I dealt with it (and still deal with it because healing is a process), and now I’ve moved on to other things that concern me (but where my experience and education as a narcissistic abuse victim give me some insight into these matters — at least I think they do).

So in keeping with my new focus, I decided to rewrite my profile.  It’s shorter and I think it’s snappier and more to the point than the old one.

You also might have noticed I changed the fonts and the look slightly.  I think it’s a cleaner look.

7 thoughts on “Changed my profile.

  1. It’s good to evolve and change your blog as you change along with it. Writing about different things can be a good thing. Show us how you are living despite the circumstances you are in.

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  2. I like your new profile! Also, I’m finding the posts about national narcissistic abuse under Trump very enlightening, to say the least. We are certainly in the midst of trauma as a nation.

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    • We are, and I’m going to keep posting about this. It looks like the direction this blog is going, for better or worse! I feel a calling to help educate people about this problem.


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