Why I’ve been so silent.


I know some of you have wondered about my not blogging as much lately, so  I’m checking in to let everyone know that I am fine and haven’t been abducted by aliens or killed in a car wreck.

There’s no real reason why I haven’t been blogging as much,  except that I’ve become politically involved online and run a Facebook political group and participate in a couple of others.   I was never that interested in politics before, but now it consumes me!   There’s little time for anything else.

This is a phenomenon I’ve noticed in many formerly politically disinterested people in recent weeks.    America is getting a huge lesson in high school civics and the way the government is run.  I am learning so much.   But everything else has taken a back seat for now, including blogging.   I don’t feel like there’s a lot more I can say about narcissism that hasn’t already been said, and other topics just aren’t engaging me much these days.  Of course, this presidency and narcissism are closely intertwined, and my research about narcissism and personality disorders prepared me to try to “get” why this president acts the way he does and seems to have a hostility towards truth and can’t seem to separate fantasy from reality.

I don’t intend to stop blogging.   I intend to come back here when this fascination with politics burns itself out, but in the meantime I don’t want to turn my blog into a political soapbox so I’m avoiding those kinds of posts.   I’ve done enough of that here already.   If I come up with a great idea for a blog post that doesn’t involve politics, I’ll write it up.   That could be tonight or tomorrow or next week.

I will say I’m very glad those of us who rely on the ACA won’t be left without health insurance, at least for the time being.

I’ll be going to Florida in  less than two weeks and will be taking a break from all the political stuff and doing some fun things with my son.  I’ll be sure to post from there, and include lots of pictures, just as I did the last time.





5 thoughts on “Why I’ve been so silent.

  1. I think once one learns about narcissism, the personality disorder. the next step is recognizing how this disorder manifests as brute sadism in other venues, social, cultural and political.

    Clearly society has been tempted toward societal narcissism over and over again throughout history, and one can see how the damage done to children in families repeats itself like a satanic ripple effect throughout many different venues.

    The good news is is that goodness, true charity and empathy has a ripple effect as well, and one small act of kindness has infinite effect, even if it seems to be isolated in one context or unnoticed. Love is a much stronger force than evil, and that is way evil seeks to eradicate it.

    Keep up the good work Otter!

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    • Beautiful thoughts here, and you’re right. Love is more powerful than narcissism and can eventually overcome it. That doesn’t mean you can love a narcissist out of their narcissism, it just means that it can be a cure for societal narcissism if we have the courage to never give up on it and keep doing good works from the bottoms of our hearts.


  2. It was good to see you posted. I actually just trawled my reader to find you. Been doing that for a couple days. I was going to message you on FB then changed my mind.

    Look forward to your fun in Florida. But I have to say too that the move to the interest in politics, especially now, makes so much sense.

    I enjoyed the comment conversation you and Little Shepherd Girl had on another post of yours. I liked you openly discussed peacefully even though you didn’t agree on everything.

    Could you start a separate political blog? I would totally read it.

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