Trump’s budget, repealing the ACA, the triumph of evil, and the rebirth of community spirit.


I absolutely hate Trump’s projected budget, as well as Trump’s Obamacare replacement, which although is nearly universally hated  not only on the left but on the right too (albeit for different reasons), is likely to pass this Thursday when Congress votes on it.

This administration not only wants to repeal Obamacare and take from the poor and middle class to give more tax breaks to the rich, they also want to eliminate (not just cut) the EPA, as well as Meals on Wheels (which help many disabled elderly and half a million disabled VETERANS), after school programs that help single moms, free legal services that help the poor in civil cases, federal grant programs for colleges, the NEH and NEA (both which promote arts and culture to the masses for free or nearly free), NPR (the only place on the radio where I can get the factual news while I’m driving), PBS (how can anyone hate Sesame Street? Really?), and many,many other programs that help families, and the poor and middle class.  Not only that, but they want to privatize public education, making it impossible for the poor or those who live in rural areas to send their children to school at all.  A voucher just isn’t going to cut it for these people, many of whom voted for Trump.   Next I expect they’ll try to repeal the child labor laws.  “Send those kids whose parents can’t afford to send them to school to work to teach them about the value of hard labor,” they’ll say.   “Let’s make America great again — like it was in 1900.”

Let’s stop kidding ourselves by making excuses like “more jobs will be created” and “taking away entitlements will force people to be self reliant.”   Nearly 40 years of trickle down economics has shown it does not work.  It doesn’t create more jobs and the money funneled to the top doesn’t trickle down to the most vulnerable Americans whose poverty, illness, or advanced age is almost never their own fault.   It’s become popular to blame them though for all the nation’s ills, instead of the greedy corporations and billionaires who keep taking and taking and taking and seem to be voracious in their need for more and more tax breaks and perks.     This is typical “blame the victim” mentality on a national scale.  Their greed and narcissism is off the charts and is destroying our country. The destruction or privating of everything good about America, and destroying its people and the environment we live in is exactly what they plan to do.

It’s time to face the ugly truth about this presidency.  I believe this budget (and the repeal and “replacement” of Obamacare) is actually an intentional death sentence for the so called “nonproducers” — the most vulnerable members of society — the poor, old, disabled, and sick.   Remove their only hope for healthcare, then take away all the popular programs that fill in the gaps and help many of these vulnerable people have better lives, keep them alive, and keep them from becoming totally ignorant. Many will die.  Those who don’t die  or suffer with chronic medical or mental conditions will be faced with lives so difficult and painful they may be forced to suicide.  But this administration doesn’t care.   In fact, letting the vulnerable people kill themselves off is probably what they want.   They are evil.   They want people to suffer. They want “the little people” to have nothing.  They don’t even want us to have clean air or drinking water.  They don’t care.

Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security will be next.   What will happen to all the elderly, disabled, and sick who rely on these programs? What will happen to the nursing home residents who rely on Medicaid to cover their expenses?  Guess they’ll all be tossed out in the streets and be forced to move in with their adult children, whether those children have the means to take care of them or not.   If they don’t have adult children to care for them, they will die lonely, painful deaths with no one to care.

Yet these same far right conservatives wring their hands and shed tears over the unborn.  Once you’re born though, it’s “bootstraps, baby!”  Your child is sick?  You shouldn’t have gotten pregnant.   Don’t have the money to buy health insurance for your child?   It’s not our problem!


It’s all because they want to keep everything for themselves.  They decry socialism as the ultimate evil and tell lies about long wait times in European countries who have universal healthcare and other social programs that help their people.  But I don’t know one European or Canadian who complains about having to pay higher taxes in exchange for having decent healthcare.   In fact, every one I know is very happy with their single payer healthcare, and feel very sorry for us that we don’t have it.   They wonder what is wrong with us that we still think healthcare should be for profit and don’t share their philosophy that “wer’re all in this together.”

I would be more than happy to pay higher taxes for single payer healthcare.  I sure as heck would rather pay taxes for programs that help people and cultural enrichment programs like the NEH and PBS and NPR  than I would for a ridiculous, unnecessary wall or for even further buildup of the military and nuclear weapons than we already have.

They say socialism is evil, but they are hypocrites.   They believe in socialism alright — socialism and welfare for the wealthy and for corporations (remember, corporations are people!); but rugged individualism for everyone else.   These people have no empathy.  They have no conscience.  They are morally bankrupt.  Their hearts are black and shriveled like prunes.  You can see it in their hard, cold, dead eyes and cruel smiles.

What they really are trying to do is thin the herd and create a banana republic that cares only about the wealthy 1% and f*ck you if you aren’t one of them.

But there’s a plus side to this.  People will be so outraged if this budget (and the ACA replacement) goes through and these programs are abolished that charitable giving and community spirit will increase to levels we have never seen. Many corporations, celebrities (almost all who are liberals), and other compassionate wealthy people (they do exist!) will set up funds to fill the vast hole left by the Republicans or to fund the dying programs so they stay in existence — or create new ones. Grass roots organizations and community organizations will spring up to help their neighbors and fellow citizens. There will also be backlash from the left the likes of which has never been seen before, and Republicans are nearly guaranteed not to win another election.

Within the ruins these hardline conservatives leave in their wake, emerging from the ashes they leave behind of a once great nation that cared about the common people both here and around the world–the proverbial phoenix will rise again.  People will start to take care of each other again, because we will have no other choice.

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  1. I do not believe Obama Care was the answer for everyone, and this system would eventually inevitably collapse. Two aspects about it I despised was that it segregated people into socioeconomic categories, pretending those at lower levels were getting the same quality of care, but doctors and politicians knew were not, and it charged some people so much they couldn’t afford the remaining bills – to get that care. Trump was advised to just wait until it bombed so he could say I told you so, but he didn’t, perhaps because he was really for what was wrong with it.

    This being said, his plan is inevitably a lot worse. He has taken the worst aspects of it and exaggerated them. The cutting of Meals on Wheels was unconscionable. “Conservative” writers defend this position by stating that charity should be private, not forced through taxation and government programming, and boast that all studies show conservatives give 30% more proportionately of their income to charities than liberals.

    This may be true; however it does not prove that government “shouldn’t” protect the poor and vulnerable. What good is a government, if it cannot do this? My God, a government is only as good as it supports the weakest and most vulnerable among us, the elderly, the shut ins, the handicapped and the abandoned.

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    • I agree Obamacare was/is far from perfect. It needs a lot of work to serve everyone. It falls far short of single payer but at least it’s a beginning. It was a heck of a lot better than what we had before, and what we’re about to get again. The ONLY way to solve the healthcare crisis is to have single payer healthcare, like every other developed nation does. It may not be perfect and of course the rich will moan and groan about having to pay higher taxes, but they SHOULD pay higher taxes. It’s not “stealing from them,” like they like to insist it is. They can’t or won’t adopt the philosophy that every other western nation has that “we’re all in this together.” We are a very sick nation on the verge of demise into a third world, authoritarian regime where the 99% will be dying on the streets. This is what they want because they are evil. If this passes, though, you are going to see a backlash like you’ve never seen before. People are NOT going to just sit there and take it. NOT ANYMORE!

      I actually think the rush to push his own plan through so fast and shove it down people’s throats was because he is a pathological narcissist and racist who is pathologically jealous of Obama’s popularity compared to him, and his rage that Obama was a BLACK MAN who is more popular and whose healthcare program is more popular. He couldn’t stand having a program in place that his BLACK predecessor started that was more popular than his own. He is that petty and childish.


      • I agree that Trump’s plan is worse, but the single payer entities we have today around the globe, governments, are in general, FOR the rationing of care. Single payer only works if single payer entities are benevolently wise and good. “Development” of countries should not mean the elimination and abandonment of those who do not make the system look “good”.

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      • I do agree that Trump had a schlew of distorted narcissistic motives for pushing through his own wicked plan. The Meals on Wheels thing really got to me. I mean, what kind of brain dead society and brain dead culture has people in it who actually are trying to justify taking money from Meals on Wheels, one of the most successful and purest forms of government sponsored charity? This is sooo psychopathical. This is akin to eliminating Hospice. It’s truly like he’s jealous of everything that’s recognized as “successful good” because he wants to be worshipped as God.

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  2. I do have to add that I know many people in countries where there has been socialized medicine who tell the truth about how it devalues people as not being equal. It segregates level of care. This is exactly what happened under Obama Care – so if you have a lower level of it your doctor may even give you less time.

    I think physical and mental health care is a tricky issue, and it has to do with more than insurance programs. For one thing doctors have one of the highest suicide rates because of what they go through in medical school, which is not about the ethical principle of “do no harm” anymore.

    We are turning people into commodities, equating their worth to functionality, usefulness or wantedness, and through disguised euthanasia (yes it’s happening in this country) voting those most in need of care out of the system in village lottery fashion.

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    • I realize there is no perfect system, even single payer isn’t perfect. Health care is complicated. But what do you propose we do, if neither single payer or ACA is the way to go? Surely not leave it to THE MARKETS? That has never worked. It never will work. I think certain things — education, healthcare, and things like the infrastructure, national parks, and fire and police departments — have no business being connected to profit. These are all RIGHTS, not privileges. Things so essential to human dignity and life itself should not exist for profit to begin with or to make insurance companies even richer than they are. We need these middlemen whose ONLY motive is profit OUT of healthcare.

      I agree people have been turned into commodities. That happens in countries where capitalism has run amock with no regulations to protect the people from being exploited by big business and the Powers That Be. That’s the way things are run in Third World nations — a few filthy rich leaders at the top, who have no regard for the law or any compassion for others, cruelly ruling over the destitute masses in their shanty towns who have nothing at all.


      • The most “segregated” health care where the greatest disparity between qualities of care for different people is in the “free market.” The rich and remaining middle class have the best care while the rest have to go to clinics and emergency rooms. I think people who don’t like the idea of single-payer are afraid they will lose their privilege and have to share resources with the masses, including blacks (horrors!). People who say Europeans and Canadians have to wait too long for medical care are afraid sharing the same resources with the poor and blacks will reduce the quality. Did you ever read an article in AlterNet about “white welfare?” The same panic is evidenced in that novel, “Camp of Saints” which Steve Bannon is so fond of. Those who have more than their share of the goodies know the majority could come after them any time. They fear it.

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        • Free clinics suck ass (believe me, they’re horrible — I’ve had to rely on them) and ER’s are no answer for people with chronic medical conditions or terminal illnesses. Usually they just treat the acute condition (the reason you went to the ER) and send you home with orders to see a doctor, which of course you would have seen had you had health care in the first place. So if you’re chronically ill, you have to keep going to the ER and get hit with whopping bills each time you go, which can ruin you financially. If you’re in an accident, you will owe so much you wil probably have to declare bankruptcy and lose everything you own. It’s cruel and immoral to burden people who are very ill or have been in an accident (and their families) with financial ruin.

          ER care is the most expensive of all medical care, but is the only option for those without health insurnace and doesn’t treat the underlying problem, they only “stabilize” you until the next medical crisis. Since hospitals HAVE to take you even if you have no insurance, you get crappy care and the costs are transferred to others, and that’s why healthcare costs are through the roof and will keep getting worse once the ACA is repealed and people are forced to rely on ERs again. Finally, the hospitals will lose so much money they will be forced to close, leaving sick poor people without even that sorry option.


          • Do you know that in this country one cannot commit even themselves into a psyche ward anymore – regardless of what psychosis they are in – unless they threaten their own life or the life of another – in front of the admitting physician? Obama Care and Insurances won’t pay for it. This is particularly sucky considering that people with major untreated delusional disorders who plan to go on shooting sprees, or seriously depressed people who want to kill themselves, are the LAST people to state these things in front of a physician. First of all, with regard to delusional disorders (not depression) untreated patients usually have anosognosia, and don’t even know they are sick. Almost all of the shootings in this country were committed by people whose family members tried to get them treatment but couldn’t, by law. They confabulated they were just depressed, and a lot of them were wrongly prescribed antidepressants right before they crashed, because antidepressants accelerate psychoses.

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        • I agree with socialized medicine in “theory”, but it is untrue that those who are against single payer for the reasons you state.

          I know a lot of physicians and have lived my life surrounded by people the medical profession. When Obama Care started, the more ethical doctors bemoaned the fact that now they had to secretly assign people “numbers” to determine what level of care they could afford to provide them. So, in the patient’s mind (lower socioeconomic, “disadvantaged” or in any way more vilnerabke) they thought they were getting the same care under the Obama plan. By letter of law, and description, they were. But depending upon what plan they chose, how much they paid into it, spleen surgery for example, would not be the same thing as spleen surgery for the wealthier, because doctors would be less reimbursed for the same surgery.

          Though one may state well, at least the poor are getting that spleen surgery, that does not prove the less financially
          advantaged, as usual, are not getting taken advantage of by the material elite.

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          • You’re probably right, but less comprehensive health care for the poorer folks is still a lot better than no health care at all. Like I said, no system is perfect.


            • Yes, no system is perfect – but I think a nation totally dependent upon a government for its health care, when that government is purposely eliminating the most vulnerable, lower socioeconomic and in need of that care to “look” good and control its finances, poses a greater danger to the medical ethic: “First, do no harm.”

              We are not a people about eliminating poverty any more – we are becoming a people about eliminating the poor and unwanted. Trump’s contempt for the weak and vulnerable and valuing of people as commodities based on their “superstar” potential, and the fact that this dude actually got elected, proves that we are moving in that direction, no matter how health care is provided, and who pays for it.

              I don’t believe health care “systems” are intrinsically evil, one way or another. It’s how they are ordered, what “purpose” man uses them for.

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      • Otter you state: ” But what do you propose we do, if neither single payer or ACA is the way to go? Surely not leave it to THE MARKETS? That has never worked. It never will work. I think certain things — education, healthcare, and things like the infrastructure, national parks, and fire and police departments — have no business being connected to profit. These are all RIGHTS, not privileges. Things so essential to human dignity and life itself should not exist for profit to begin with or to make insurance companies even richer than they are. ”

        Well, I don’t propose. Health care financing is way too complicated for me. I think all systems will get corrupted – as long as man is corrupt.

        But sadly, health care IS connected to profit.

        This is a reality it does no good to deny. Health care/medicine/ medical services cost. This is not a magical world, and doctors must eat as well. Food is essential to their life, but they cannot steal it from the grocery store, because it is their “right”. Food, health care, highways, fire protection in themselves therefore, cannot be a “right” people have, something we can simply demand from another because we “are”, regardless of whether or not receiving these things is connected to our dignity and human welfare.

        Rights are intrinsically related to our HUMANITY, like the right to be born (once conceived, alive and in existence), and are things we get from GOD because we are human, not our parents (who are separate beings with different DNA), a doctor, a grocery store, an emergency room, or any government – regardless of our place of residence, location, age, or state of being.

        Health care is something a doctor must provide to us, a service, and no service from another is intrinsically our “right” to simply “demand” or enjoy, because we are in need of it.

        I do think a real part of the problem is a corruption of medical ethics, in which many doctors do not have true vocations, and will not save a life without pay even if they are urgently presented with such a crises. But two wrongs do not make a “right”.

        Pun intended.

        There is also a jealousy on behalf of certain citizens, this imposed false dichotomy between the haves and the have nots, this assumption that those who have studied extra hard and work extra hard, all kinds of crazy hours, and have subsequently given up their own lives for their profession cannot enjoy any of the benefits attached to that profession – and the free market. Too many resent that they can earn a greater salary if you will. I say, if you have contempt for your physician because he has a white couch and a maid, he is much less likely to save you for free when your appendix bursts.

        There is an excellent TED Talk about the sad state of medical schools, how many physicians emerge from medical school suicidal, or at best with a bad case of complex post traumatic stress disorder – to begin with.

        To make matter worse, most doctors saw it coming, realized they would go out of business altogether if they did not turn away from their ethics of treating everyone the same way, regardless of ability to pay, when Obama Care started. Many quit or retired. So we are getting lesser and lesser ethical, quality physicians, and more medical school drop outs.

        This is just part of why abandonment of the free market is what has NEVER worked in human history. Providing a doctor with free eggs from one’s chicken is more efficient than that. What hasn’t worked, or should I say has made things even worse, is governments dictating who has the right to live and who has the right to die, which is what socialized medicine IS. (Doctors: you just take care of this class of people. No one else can pay you directly but us. We will not allow it.)

        Also, it’s pretty obvious that Trump’s refusal to cover mental health will result in a crises of crime caused by untreated delusional disorders. I mean if any society has an OBLIGATION to provide, through its a government, a charity health program (though reception of it is not an intrinsic right) it should be directed to help the seriously mentally ill, and all those who by some handicap cannot work, or pay a doctor.

        Trump’s plan will further divide the country between the fascists and those most in need, and it appears intentional. The untreated mentally ill will get called “crazies” again, much as undocumented Mexican immigrants were wrongly labeled disproportionately and intrinsically more “criminal”, and people will become afraid of them, instead of realizing that these people too are simply the victims of a narcissistic despot. Targeting the vulnerable and attributing to them evil or crazy behavior was very much the direction of Hitler’s propaganda methods against the Jews.

        Instead of correcting the system, men like Trump want to eliminate the victims of a system, those that show by their suffering that the system is a sham, a structure attributed to its own glory, or the visage of a man named Donald Trump.

        Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.


        • I’m too tired right now to write much but doctors are almost universally opposed to the change from the ACA to the ACHA (Trumpcare). They will not make as much as they do now, because young and healthy consumers will also drop their healthcare since it will no longer be required. Costs for everything, based on a pool of only sick people, will skyrocket. Insurance companies will be able to cherry pick what they will pay for and what they will not, so doctors will not get paid for performing certain services. Organizations that represent hospitals and doctors like the NHA and AMA (and also the very popular AARP, which represents older people) are all very much opposed to this bill. It will hurt their bottom line too in the end, and they know it. No one is saying doctors shouldn’t live well – they certainly deserve to more than insurance company CEOS — but they will live LESS well under this replacement. So will the hospitals, who will be treating people in ERs and not getting paid, which will drive up costs even more. So it’s not just the poor and middle class who will suffer, it’s most health care providers too. Only the insurance companies stand to benefit,but in the end they will lose money as well.

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    • I pray for them that they see the truth. Some are now that they realize they’ve been lied to and bait and switched. They actually believed he would make sure there was “healthcare for everybody” which is what he promised. He’s the ultimate liar and con man.


  3. You are right in saying they are “thinning the herd.” Like I said in my blog, A Modest Proposal, they have eliminated jobs. They no longer need the people who once sustained industry in America since they get the work done in the Third World at a fraction of the cost. They certainly don’t want to sustain the lives of all these surplus people. Their end game must be the elimination of workers they no longer need. Welcome to the New World Order, Trump style. But I wonder what he’s counting on. Next chance they get, the voters who voted in these goons are going to sweep them out. Is he planning on stopping elections? Or maybe a major distraction like a world war? Or are they in such a bubble, they don’t see the writing on the wall?

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  4. I agree that there were a lot of problems with Obamacare, one being that people were fined for not having health insurance. The only reason anyone would not have health insurance is because they couldn’t afford it. I’m so saddened, and yes, angry, that we have become a society that punishes the poor. But I also agree that Obamacare was a step in the right direction and I support single-payer healthcare, as do many healthcare workers I know, even though the conservative right tries to pretend it will eliminate their jobs and hinder their ability to provide healthcare. I don’t understand how anyone supported Trump, and to be honest, I have not only sadness and anger over it, but a lot of fear. I do feel like evil has us in its grip. Greed has won.

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    • Alice, I agree with some of your points (especially about Trump) but not all of them. It was quality of care that was effected with the start of Obama Care, and Trump’s plan is like taking those negative effects of it and accelerating them to our ultimate destruction. Plus, people who did not have health insurance were not necessarily poor. Many people who did not have health insurance were simply young and healthy. Get these folks to pay into the system before they could afford it was the goal.

      I believe arguments from the left and from the right are really just distractions from these more relevant points, so I try to ignore them.

      One can argue that for some Obama Care was good (I have benefited) but some physicians/doctors (not political pundits on the right or left) will outright tell you that they assign numbers to people now, that determine which “level” of care they can afford to give patients, for the supposedly same “treatment”. And analysts from all sides of the political spectrum agree Obama Care was doomed to collapse financially.

      The fact that to obtain Obama Care costs more for some, and gives less to many who have had to resort to it, than if they paid for their healthcare through private insurance, proves this point. Some were quite happy with their plans, the “I’ve got mine” attitude, not even realizing that what they got was not really the level of care they imagined they have. And other are always “happy” if they can keep their jobs. But what about the other human being – the person not so fortunate, who does not receive chemotherapy because cancer is usually eventually terminal, and he is just a level “2”?

      I don’t have all the answers, but think the real issues are always man’s inhumanity to man, and the consciousless disregard for those most in need. Trump’s sadistic personality embodies this evil philosophy.


      • But before the ACA, many people who became seriously ill or were in an accident who couldn’t afford health insurance would go into financial ruin, including bankruptcy and a descent into poverty if they were middle class before. What sort of immoral thing is that to do just because a family member becomes gravely ill or has a terrible accident? It’s like kicking someone who is already down. Under the ACA, not many people have that sort of thing happen to them anymore.
        As for the individual mandate, I can understand why people dont like it. I hated it at first too — until I learned the reason it exists. With more younger and healthy people in the pool too who otherwise wouldn’t buy insurance, that helps cover the costs and drives prices down for everyone. It’s the way insurance works!


        • Otter, I admittedly don’t know every aspect of Obama Care, but as a general rule I would not want to force young people who are struggling financially to begin with to carry the burden of health care for the masses. Explanation of cause it not justification of means.

          Also, the only people I know who had Obama Care and had catostrophic illness strike found that they weren’t as covered as they thought, went into bankruptcy,total poverty and financial decline – even after their loved one died. I can still hear the grief in one friend’s voice, his anger that not only had he lost his wife but everything he owned.

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          • I’m sorry about your friend. Obamacare has many flaws obviously. That’s why single payer is really the only option that will avoid things like what happened to your friend.


            • I think you’re missing my point about my friend. Single payer would not have helped him if he still had out of pocket expenses. He paid for insurance under Obamacare and still had expenses that wrecked him, just as Medicare now stops paying after awhile, and for certain things it used to cover. Whenever you hear insurance and care for all, that doesn’t really mean everybody will be fully covered.

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    • The individual mandate is the most unpopular thing about Obamacare, and at first I was opposed to it, but it actually makes sense — I explained why in my answer to LSG. With single payer though, there would be no individual mandate. It would be paid out of taxes and everyone pooling in would control costs. The fact we don’t have it is the reason why we have the most expensive health care in the world. It’s not necessarily “better” healthcare either. It’s because it’s treated like a commodity, like a new Alfa Romeo, that you can “choose” to buy like you’re browsing in a store. The richer you are and the better healthcare you can afford, the higher the quality of the healthcare you will receive. No other country has a system like ours. It does not work, at least not for anyone who isn’t rich — or fortunate enough to work in a large company that offers an excellent healthcare package, and that is becoming ever more rare. Smaller companies and low wage workers are hardly ever offered health insurance.
      I don’t think health insurance should be connected to employment anyway. If you become sick and can’t work for an extended time or develop a chronic illness that affects your attendance or ability to work, you are going to lose your health insurance when you need it most anyway. And who but a rich person can afford COBRA?
      Single payer would also benefit companies, who would no longer have to carry health insurance for full time employees.


  5. Yes, that is a good point, LSG, about the young and healthy not buying insurance. LO, thanks for explaining the reason behind the individual mandate. It does make sense. Also, I agree with you that health insurance shouldn’t be connected to employment. We need a single payer system!

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  6. Re ‘make L’amerika ‘great'(grate?) again’ ~ circa 1900:

    Compared to europe, this nation had close-to-third-world status. It didn’t really get ‘into’ the first world untill after d-day. (1944). That was the beginning of acknowledgement; Hiroshima and Nagasaki said we had properly ‘arrived’.

    So, in becoming once more ‘great’ as is stated, we will be regressing into the worlf of Ragnar Redbeard’s “might is right,” – which is where the ***grate*** comes in.

    The crematorium’s grate, that is – after a replay of Aktion T 4; after further rounds of ‘social purification’ causes the remaining populace to become ‘one people’ in the ‘social organism’ – where all shall be either ‘entire true-witches (e.g. personality-disordered), or entire monsters’ (i.e. committed to justice, both social and otherwise).

    Then our leader shall have his one-soul’d empire, under the (pinwheel) banner of the N.S.A.A.P.

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    • Fascinating. I had never heard of that book. I have long sensed that the anti Christ, the satanic, was sadistic man, with contempt for all the vulnerable, especially women and children.

      What’s also interesting is how the mentally disordered (the victimized?) are called witches (women with a sixth sense?) and those still fighting for justice are called “monsters”.

      Once again, with the diabolical, language looses meaning, or is twisted to mean the opposite.

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      • I believe Dennis that all innocent mankind who suffers (in a symbolic sense) represents the weeping feminine, as represented by Mary; who bridged the gap between God and man, she being fully human, but through her, mankind receiving (feminine) the Divine.

        Satanists hate Mary and the weeping feminine as scripture very well forecasts.

        And the anti Christ is represented by all genders and persons who have lost human empathy.

        If we maintain empathy and wisdom as women we will be called witches; men who have empathy and defend the vulnerable (man’s duty is to defend the innocent and vulnerable, scripturally speaking) will be treated as monsters.

        It never was true Christianity that burned people at the stake, or murdered innocent people – it was always the satanic. It is always the satanic that points an accusing finger and tries to kill off the innocent.

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  7. Oh, and I actually have been *called* a monster, also – and not merely because of deformities both congenital and acquired. It’s my identity as an autistic person -and much of the ‘suffering’ is better named ***oppression***.

    Ps: ‘might is right’ is available via pdf. Note that this ***rubbish*** is sickening (as well as largely untrue). Example: “palid incompetence … on a tree.” The ‘palid’ portion is accurate, as is the tree. The pallor is, of course, a symptom of shock due to severe injuries. (Duh… why don’t ***you*** -whoever wrote that rubbish – get hurt bad and ***feel*** the symptoms of shock yourself, you wretch! If a ***lesser being*** like myself can endure shock, then it should be ***easy*** for an Übermensch like yourself!)

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    • Thank you for sharing your story and viewpoint, Dennis. I never knew about the pallor. It is amazing how things we endure manifest themselves in some way through our bodies. I have always been drawn to persons with autism and honored by them frequently being drawn to me.

      I am fascinated with the intelligence of autistic persons, and believe somehow it’s through autism that the autistic tend to understand things about the world that others do not. You can tell me if you think this is true. I also like bluntness.

      I am not autistic, but have been “shocked” in life by severe trauma, am an HSP, and also have a very pale complexion. My belief is that extra gifts are a “compensation” for innocent suffering, endured. I have been told I have so many extra gifts by one criminal investigator, that if I lived in a different age, I would have certainly been burnt at the stake by now. The index finger on my left hand is injured now, bent in a pointing position, as if manifesting that just by being and seeing, I point out the guilt of others.

      “Pallid incompetence….on a tree” sounds like it’s also a reference in spiritual language to Christ, and all innocent who suffer represent Him. Rest assured, the satanic,brute sadists, the murderers, the Ubermensch, do not really think of us as less than human, but fully human in a manner they can never possess, and are filled with rage against us. They are spiritually jealous. They realize in some sense the innocent oppressed have gifts they can never attain or understand, and therefore seek to steal them from us (create the master race) and destroy us.

      If you have never read Dean Koontz, I suggest you do, starting first with Innocense, then One Door Away from Heaven. In One Door Away from Heaven, there is a little girl with bodily deformities whose father is trying to euthanize her. She is a genius autodidact.

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  8. Correct. That was precisely what ‘might is right’ was refering to.

    Note also that LaVey stole much of ‘might is right’ for his (accursed) satanic bible.

    As for koonts – not sure. I’m not too sure I ***need*** to read him -not after writing for fifteen years on something which sounds similar. ( for samples)

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    • My apologies, I did not mean to imply you “need” to read Koontz as in need a learning experience. That’s why I just “suggested” it, for your enjoyment. Yes, I took a look at your blog page and this what my next question to you was, can you give the “dust jacket” description to your book?

      When I read I’d experience “soul rape” if I read it, I got a little scared. I know soul rape too well, and in fact have entitled one post on my blog “The Rape of a Soul”.

      But I had been struck immediately by your abilities to string words together in a beautiful artistic flow (this aspect of your writing also reminded me of Koontz) suspect you don’t really mean you want to impose soul rape on your readers, and admired what appeared to be a gothic flavor to what you write which I have utilized myself in my Oracion series, which is spiritual/mystic analogy.

      I have always admired writers who do these things – Lewis, Tolkien, Koontz.

      Which brings me back to brute sadism being “jealous”. The satanic is not jealous of the suffering of the children of God (they do indeed have contempt for all suffering) but they are very aware of the mystery of redemption in those that they have rejected, though they don’t understand it, and therefore jealous of illumination and insight and gifts they can’t possess. The analogy can be to a narcissist sadist who is jealous of our innocence or any gifts we have that outshine theirs.

      My theory is that the Nazis (who were satanists) did much t want to eliminate Jews because they really thought they were subhuman. They only wanted the general populace to think they were subhuman. On the contrary, they hated Jews because they knew the Jews, by ethnicity not necessarily merit, a chosen race by God. This is also why they did experiments on them.

      Forgive the bluntness but one can imagine a scenario where autistic people were dehumanized (which they are today in many ways) then experimented upon because of their superior intellect . (Can we isolate the gene for intelligence from them, cross it with other “perfect” DNA, or implant it in a pig?) It is intelligence and insight of which they are jealous, for satanists follow Satan who wishes himself to be the only receiver of “light”.


      • Dean Koontz is great — entertaining, suspenseful reading (sort of in the “horror” genre but not really anymore) and I agree his overall message is a hopeful and positive one, and his heroes are spiritually mature. Koontz is a very devout Catholic — did he convert to Catholicism or did he just rediscover the religion he had as a child? In any case, love his books — but you don’t even have to be a Christian to enjoy them. They are very entertaining and hard to put down.


        • Well put Otter – as Catholicism means Universal, he appeals to all readers who seek Truth, though these readers may view it as if from different colored panes of glass.

          As far as him being a horror writer I laugh. Marketing his books in the horror genre, I think, is a genius move on his part. Always non gratuitous, his descriptions of violence and horror are none the less – violent and horrifying. What distinguished Koontz is how effectively he utilizes this method to expose evil philosophies accepted today under grandiose or euphemistic verbiage for what they ultimately ARE.

          Koontz also portrays good in a proportionately beautiful manner, and more importantly, stronger than any evil, even death itself. He seems to be so acutely aware of psychology, trauma inflicted upon the vulnerable, and the triumph of the empathetic soul, much like a modern day Tolkien, in my opinion.

          Spiritual analogy is my favorite venue, so different from zombie apocalyptic novels in which the opposite, a celebration of disorder and gratuitous, meaningless violence is offered to tickle already unhealthy minds.


  9. Duh, forgot. No, those you mentioned are ***not*** jealous. (They think we are jealous of ***them***, actually). They think we (supposed) innocents are fools and worse – no, not even that.

    There are no words in the languages of this world which can portray adequately the contempt, rage, spite, and hatred found in devils and their well-groomed chattels; and those who rule this world follow its god without reservation.

    Hence their thoughts are those of hell, and their language the precise same; and only by becoming as they themselves are, in full particulars, can one know their unthinking thoughts and speak their lies.

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    • Dennis, sorry about the typos earlier. I meant to say that “my theory is that the Nazis (who were satanists) did not really want to eliminate Jews because they really thought they were SUBhuman. (They only wanted the general populace to think they were subhuman.) On the contrary, they hated Jews because they knew the Jews, by ethnicity not necessarily merit, were a CHOSEN race by God. This is also why they did experiments on them. They also disproportionately persecuted Catholics.

      “(They think we are jealous of ***them***, actually).” No Dennis, they know some are not jealous of them and they know some of us pity them, and that’s another reason they hate us. But narcissistic people will want to torture you by tricking you into thinking they really think you’re jealous of them.

      And I don’t agree with the wording of your final sentence: “Hence their thoughts are those of hell, and their language the precise same; and only by becoming as they themselves are, in full particulars, can one know their unthinking thoughts..”

      I cannot read a person’s mind, and truly through all satanic venues comes a cesspool of lies, half truth, psychological manipulation and disorder, however – it is not that difficult for the children of God to figure out the true motivations of evil, for in knowing good we become aware of what it’s opposite or mockery would consist, and the true motivations of the brute sadist. Truth is a free gift from God and the innocent are not blind to it. Therefore, any knowledge by itself does not make one become evil. It is who we would credit other than GOD for attaining that knowledge, or who we would honor in an ATTEMPT to attain knowledge, that would make a person subject to “becoming as them”.

      Evil is an old man, and he really can create nothing new under the sun.

      In days of old religious authorities corrupted with power and clericism treated all knowledge as evil – because they wanted control and mastery of it to belong only to them – and that is why spiritually enlightened women who did not need the church to understand the mysteries and lessons of GOD – whose very existence (words, voice, spiritual gifts, even a baby resulting from clerical rape, whatever) exposed corruption and hypocrisy, and were therefore called witches and burned at the stake.

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  10. Books (as in plural).- I’ve been working at the matter steadily, just have not posted more recently. Need to update matters, but health and time-lack continue to cause troubles.

    Not sure about the dust-jacket matter, but I can speak of the goal: I wanted to do something that had the ‘feel’ of the lord of the rings, only in a less-fantastical-and-more-historical environment. (Though the fantastic element has, inevitably, crept in). I used history, largely, for the environs, and used the bible for the, uh, ‘spiritual’ aspect. (That, and my own experiences, some of which were quite scary). The ‘evil’ aspect came from history, as well as what I see and, uh, ***feel*** present in the world around me. (In that sense, it’s semi-autobiographical – it isnt merely ‘an amplied sensorium’ I get to live with – it’s the other things, too.).

    Not sure if that’s an adequate answer. I hope it will serve.

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  11. Ps: in speaking of ‘the beliefs of the powerful’, I meant to convey the following:

    1) these are their beliefs. The powerful individual often thinks of himself as ‘a superior being’ / ‘small-g god’; and as such, he/she tends to be sustantially divorced from reality, often believing that he/she has the magic(k)al power to rewrite the world in accordance with his whim.

    2) the powerful individual usually has a *very* difference perception of ‘the social world’ compared to the majority of ‘social people’ , due to being at or near the top of the dominance hierarchy.. The tendency then is to see life as a zero-sum game of ultimate justice. (Just world fallacy, ‘full and complete control of all facets of life from conception to decomposition’, and similar ‘might is right’ principles.) This is not helped by the fact that such people often can ‘get their own way’.

    When one is at the top of the dominance hierarchy , the resulting effects of ‘near-absolute power’ can – and often DOES – look a lot like NPD. (Acquired situational narcissism). More, often the only people who will (eventually) acquire a clear perception of this matter are those who are (absolutely, or nearly so) powerless.

    Now, if the ***game*** is social – as in “everything is Social, and the whole of life is a matter of dominance, power and control” – where deception and manipulation, either for predation, or the avoiding of the same, is everyone’s business – just ***who*** is going to be ***truly*** powerless?

    Answer: ***those who, for varied reasons, are not #able# to decieve or manipulate their targets.*** Note that successful conning – the process of deceiving and manipulation, for good or for ill – demands the capacity to ‘mind-read’ – and trying to substitute ‘rules of thumb’ for the real-time version the bulk of society possesses tends to work poorly at best.

    It usually does not work at all. More, lacking this capacity tends to get one labeled (as per Aristotle) as being either a God (when it’s by choice) or an animal (when it’s not) – and the latter often goes further still – toward the labels of “monster”, “useless feeder”, “life unworthy of life,” and finally, “the manifested evil in nature.”

    The first three are historical. The last is fictional. I use all of them in my writing – and that because they all apply to me, and those like me – those who are the true aliens, misfits wherever we go.

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  12. Duh, try this again:

    The ‘soul rape’ is in more-current writings – as in that’s when the really nasty stuff comes in -specifically about things which happen on the Island. (Not on the web-site yet). That’s when you read about a ‘futuristic’ society living under ‘a vast inbred oligarchy’ – where ‘orwell dreamed ***this***, and toned down his dream enough to make it believable’ – where technology is melded with witchcraft – where people of the vintage of (star trek, etc) actually are worshiping ***idols*** (of Sieve, no less!), vast swarms of color-coded drugged-to-the-eyeballs functionaries, ‘eyes’, ‘ears’, ‘noses’, Name-Droppers, ‘total surveillance state’, ‘motorized potato peelers’…

    And you thought the mainland’s witches were bad? Wait untill you meet the ***ticklers***!

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    • ‘a vast inbred oligarchy’ … I like that term because it does not have to mean literal incest, but can mean a number of things in analogy as well. I like the multiple character names and can think of real life examples or potential examples of each one. One of the characters I am going to introduce soon is going to be called a Blender.


  13. “Alice in Blenderland,” perhaps – a place where blenders are everywhere? Where their manifold purposes are legion, symbolic of how one’s world is an interconnected cohesive whole?

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    • Ha! No. Order and interconnectedness is of GOD. Legion and disorder is the opposite. Subsequently my blenders will be a character in my Oracion series that represents either physically – man’s tempering with genetics – (man’s DNA crossed with animal) spiritual – shape shifters stuck in cloaked form, or mentally – mental illness.

      My Blender character had shape shifting in his Etherate mother’s genes. The Etherate was a beautiful shape shifting queen who wished the shape shifting gene would be bestowed to her son, not her daughter. Therefore, she tampered with the priestly potions during her pregnancy and her son (in real life my narcissist brother) got stuck as a Blender.

      Always the chance you take when you do something unnaturally evil. She created a flying monkey like creature.

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