50 days in. The United States is a far different and sadder place than it was on January 19. America is now run more like an organized crime syndicate than a proper country — and no one seems to have a clue as to what to do to reverse the devastation, or any power to stop him. Trump could murder someone and he’d get away with it. He’d just find a way to blame Obama and he’d be believed — the same way he’s taking credit for the “job growth” which actually began on Obama’s watch, not Trump’s.

We are no longer a democracy, we are a third world country run by a lying, corrupt dictator and his minions.   We need a new name.  The United States of Russia, perhaps?

If Paul Ryan’s horrific “replacement” for the ACA goes through (and it probably will, since no one seems to have any power to stop any of them), expect more crime (the sick poor will have to commit serious crimes in order to receive healthcare in the prison system), more suicides (by newly uninsured people who develop a life threatening illness), and possibly rioting and even civil war.    “Just let them die” seems to be what Ryan wants for the “nonproducers.”   Unfortunately, I’ll be one of the 15-20 million who will lose their insurance if this bill passes.  At my age, that is terrifying.   It’s also extremely unsettling the way this disaster of a replacement is being jammed down our throats without even giving us time to process what is happening.

Medicare and social security are next.  Expect any environmental protections, public education, and unemployment benefits to go too.  Expect more police and more laws (against the little people, not the rich and powerful) and no more freedom.   Expect depression, despair, and terror on  a level that would make the Great Depression look like a warmup.    Causing mass human suffering for their own enrichment is the Trump administration’s idea of “making America great again.”

We were lied to, and people still believe the lies, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that this presidency is a massive bait and switch.

We are told to just “get over it” and “stop being sore losers.”   I could go on and on about this evil and corrupt administration and the many ways it’s gutting our democracy and thumbing its nose contemptuously at the Constitution.

I can’t deal with this anymore.   I wish I could pack my bags and just leave.  I have no idea how much worse things are going to get.


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  1. We’ve just been watching the news. A street we used to live on is on lock-down by police as two gunmen are holding people hostage a few houses down from where we used to live. And some people just drank poisoned herbal tea in Chinatown. It seems crime is escalating big time since Trump took office. Personally, I think Ryan is a lot worse than Trump. If it were just a matter of one crazy man, that would be one thing. But that whole party is insane!

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    • I am so sorry that is happening near you. Crime is way up and so are drug related deaths. No doubt due to all the chaos, anger and despair caused by this awful president and his lackeys and sycophants. Not to mention that bullies and racists are feeling empowered by their racist, bullying “savior.”

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    • I’ve heard that bullying has increased, especially toward non-whites and non-Christians. The kids feel empowered – “the president of the United States does it so it must be okay!”

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        • Right, but there is more bullying now because bullies feel like it’s okay to bully. When I was in school in the 60s and 70s though, bullying wasn’t addressed as a serious issue like it has been in recent years. It was dismissed as a “kid thing” and not taken seriously. If you were bullied, you were told to “fight them back” or “stop being a sissy.” Bullies didn’t have consequences. Maybe they’d get detention after school or your parents would call theirs (which usually made things worse). That was about it. Girls, instead of being told to fight back, were told the sticks and stones rhyme. Of course, words can hurt you, but we were told they couldn’t. In recent years, bullying has been taken much more seriously, and perpetrators sometimes get criminal charges.


  2. I feel helpless too, despite donating money, signing petitions, etc… It’s shameful how the right wing politicians are claiming *christian values* and act in the opposite. It’s very dangerous.

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  3. Hi!

    I’m from Germany, but I was always terrified of Trump. I nearly cried when he was elected. I don’t know how anyone could have believed that he is some kind of a saviour – he’s the devil in disguise. In Germany, there will be elections in this year too. We have two parties here in Germany (NPD and AfD) who claim themselves to be conservatives, but this isn’t true – they are extremists from the extreme right, who want to destroy LGBTQ+ rights, abolish the rights of refugees, restrict women’s rights and many more utterly cruel things. So … I am afraid, too. There is no party available in our political system which speaks to my soul 100% – but I will surely try to save democracy by electing a leftist party and hope that they can form a coalition with the other rather leftist parties.

    Well … anyways, you and the suffering Americans have my sympathy here … the extreme right gains power in Europe too, sadly. Sorry for my bad english.


    P.S. Oh, about the “christian” thing – I notice in my home country, too, that there are many individuals and parties, who claim themselves to be “christian” and “socialist” while they are not at all.

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    • Hello Morwen from Germany,
      Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I know this shifting to the far right is happening in other countries as well as ours, it is very scary. I’m sorry you can’t find a party that speaks to you — I can sympathize with that. Neither of the two main parties speak to me either, though the one that appears dominant right now doesn’t speak to me at all about anything. I hope your far right candidates don’t win — I know the Netherlands is pretty scared right now that their Trump-like candidate might win. Germany really has a far right party called NPD? As in Narcissistic Personality Disorder? What does it actually stand for?
      Thank you for your comments.


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