Back to the Gulf Coast!


Sunset off Clearwater Beach.

In just a month (April 7th), I’ll be driving back to the Tampa Bay area again to visit my son. I’ll be there for 5 days, until the 12th.   This time, my daughter is coming along with me, since she hasn’t seen where he lives before.

When I went in August last year, it was the first time I’d ever been in Florida, and since my son was working most of the week I was there, I had time to spend alone exploring the area.  One of my favorite discoveries was the bath-warm waters of the Gulf near his home, with its ever-shifting tides that expose the silt-like sand at low tide.   There aren’t a lot of tourists there in August (too hot), so that trip actually turned out to  be not only a peaceful, but also a spiritual experience — not to mention that I got to see my son and spend time with him and do some fun things together.


The tide going out at Rees Park.

For me, the worst part of any vacation is returning from one.    I remember how hard it was to re-adjust to my daily routine when I came home.  For a while, I wanted to move to Florida, but I have changed my mind about that for a few reasons, mostly because of global warming.  Central-west Florida may be submerged in the near future.   I also don’t think I’d care much for the weather, due to the near-constant threat of severe storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

This time, I won’t be returning home just as my SAD (seasonal affective disorder) sets in.  Spring is my best time of year, and my mood improves with the lengthening days, so I shouldn’t be blindsided by the double whammy of oncoming SAD and post-vacation blues at the same time.


My son may have to work again for part of the time I’m there, but he thinks he can get off most of the days I’m there, so that means more time spent together.   Clearwater Beach is definitely on the agenda, and this time we are going to visit the famous aquarium there too.   We might even drive to Disney World, but  I’m not sure yet.   None of us have ever been there.   I might try my hand at fishing again.

Whatever we wind up doing, it’s going to be a lot of fun.  I’ve already booked the room (because there are two of us this time, we’re staying at a nearby motel). I’m   getting excited about our road trip!

I’ll be bringing my laptop along with me, just as I did in August, so I can still blog while I’m there.

All photos you see here were taken by me during my trip in August of last year.

12 thoughts on “Back to the Gulf Coast!

  1. I would think the worst part of ending a vacation would be going back to work. If you moved to Florida, you’d still have to make a living. Hope you get to have good bonding with your kids.

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    • Yeah, my son even says people always ask him if living so near the beach is like being on vacation all the time and he says he laughs at them because he works 2 jobs so it definitely is not. Hell, people think coming here is like being on vacation all the time. After all, this area does attract a lot of tourists, especially in the summer. The grass always looks greener and all that!


  2. Make sure a trip to the Columbia Restaurant is on your bucket List. Take a nice ride south, along the Gulf Boulevard, over the bridge, down to East Bay-West Bay, south to Walsingham, past Guppy’s, The Pub Restaurant, Indian Shores, Indian Rocks Beach, Reddington Shores, down to John’s Pass and Forrest Gump’s, and maybe continue all the way to Treasure Island and the pink Don Cesar? Enjoy yourself. You’re in my backyard. :o)


  3. It looks beautiful! Constant sun and warmth isn’t really my chosen habitat (I know, I’m a freak XD), but it does make for some lovely places to visit. 🙂 I hope you have a great time with your kids and the Florida beaches! (And all else Florida has to offer.)

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