The war on truth (Facebook post)


I just wrote this long post on Facebook and thought I should post it here too.  If you agree, please share it.   When I get my tax return, I’m getting a passport.   You should too.  #RESISTANCE




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  1. An outsiders view:
    – I hope the future won’t be as bad as many believe, relative to the way the world is going anyway.
    – I don’t think it will be, people are in the end very resilient even when they don’t know it.
    – If you do use your passport, I can recommend Australia (not for politics necessarily, just because its a wonderful place 🙂 )

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    • No, I have no plans to go anywhere until things get so desperate I have no other choice. I can’t afford to just pick up and move somewhere across the world. But if it’s a choice between taking my chances in a foreign place (which of course I will research exhaustively first) and being held captive by an fascist government with the possibility of certain death, I would rather just get on a plane and take my chances. I just feel like I should start planning now. Just in case.


    • Compared to parts of India, I suppose things are still better here. For now. There are still some jobs, especially for Indian medical health professionals, and some benefits for immigrants. And many people still believe the United States is a free democracy. It’s changing fast. It won’t be for long.


  2. The George Orwell quote is most fitting. Another quote I think applies to the arguments of those who overlooked Trump’s red flags for sociopathy is “Explanation of cause is not justification by way of reason.”

    And for those who still explain Trump’s “pro life” position by way of the platform he was forced to adopt when he couldn’t completely overturn it, I would not take comfort in the fact that Trump thinks only superstars are worthy of life, unless they are certain they are superstars, by Trump’s standards.

    And oh, he’s a pathological liar anyway.

    All fascists are bioethicists.

    Just when some thought Hillary was the “worst enemy” there could be against the vulnerable, a fascist sociopath arose right out of “the elect”. Because the broken mental health care system is designed to abandon those most in need, it’s laws disordered all the way up to the top, let’s pray the war Trump first accelerates is not the war against the handicapped, elderly, mentally or physically ill, lower socioeconomic, “non producing”, unwanted” or “outspoken” to which he obviously has the utmost contempt.

    Everyone should read The Culture of Death by Wesley J Smith. This is what, above all, allowed the election of a brute sociopath to the presidency.

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    • I think the ill, the poor, and the middle class, and hte disabled will be targeted by the repeal of Obamacare and then the removal (and restructuring — which means VOUCHERS lol) of ALL “entitlement” programs. The elderly and ill will be left with no safety net at all, unless they are wealthy or have grown children to take them in and pay all their expenses, including their medical bills. A senior or a person with an illness won’t be able to get any kind of health insurance with a voucher. Why bother? Basically, they just want these “unproductive” people to die, and let ’em suffer too. But first on their agenda is the “illegals” because their skin isn’t white. Then everyone else. This entire admin needs to be removed and a new election needs to take place.


  3. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that people should try to overthrow Trump and his administration. Trump was voted in so is now the most powerful man in the world but he has advisers. It can go two ways, they can talk him out of some of his more extreme plans or he can also be manipulated. If he has advisers that are of the same ilk as him, who have their own agenda, he will be their puppet too. Basically, it is possibly a dangerous combination of people in charge. He is the face of it all but seems to me a little too dumb to lead alone. The sooner some kind of scandal surfaces that kills off this administration, the better. In the meantime, I hope that things settle and don’t become as bad as everyone suspects they will be.

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    • He may be dumb, but was smart enough to surround himself with a staff that’s smarter than he is — and just as evil. The way I see things, the government and Republican party has been hijacked by this gang — they are no different than terrorists hijacking a plane. What they want to do is un-American and evil. And Russia is behind it. I hope they all get investigated and sentenced for treason. This is far worse than any shady emails Hillary sent out. Yet they still keep blathering on about that, as if only she has done anything wrong, when what they are doing is far worse, on every imaginable level.

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  4. Lucky, where do you think people can go? The US is the most powerful country in the world. I just hope all the Republicans who are on Social Security and Medicare will keep that safe. Without an income, there will truly be no place to go. If these programs are actually eliminated, there will be masses of elderly poor. It will be Trump’s problem what to do with us. Resistance seems more realistic except for people who have enough money to make a good life for themselves wherever. If massive numbers of people leave, there will probably not be jobs for most of them so they all may end up in a refuge camp. I don’t think it will come to that. And I cringe every time you refer to Trump as a “sociopath.” I wrote a blog concluding he is a narc.

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