Well, this lifts my spirits.


Sunset on Clearwater beach, taken by me on August 25, 2016

I am planning another (shorter — 4 days instead of a week) trip to see my son in Florida in early April.  This time, I’m bringing my daughter with me.    It’s been way too long since she’s seen her brother.

It occurred to me that now that it’s almost the end of December (and my last trip there was in late August, that I’m now closer to my next trip there than I am to my last.   For some reason, that makes me feel really good.  I’m already even getting a little excited.

I’ll do another week-long trip there again in August, like I did this year.

I just woke up from a frustrating dream that I arrived there and realized I forgot to bring my swimsuit.


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  1. Clearwater sunsets are some of the most beautiful I have ever witnessed. Take that dream as a hint to throw that swimsuit into your suitcase NOW!

    I was lucky to spend a December month in a trailer just off the beach during my acting days, when I was touring. Too cold for swimming, but not for sunset watching before I headed over to the theatre.
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  2. rubycommenting says:

    This is great news! Part of happiness is having things to look forward to:)

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  3. Wolfgirl says:

    Yay! I’m glad you get to go back 🙂 I hope you’ll have a good time!

    And ugh, dreams like that are the worst. I tend to get anxious dreams before holidays and recitals about all the things that could go wrong, so I know the feeling there.

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  4. What a gorgeous picture!!

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