More about thumbed kitties.


You may remember this post I wrote about a month ago, about the Ernest Hemingway house and its population of polydactyl (six or seven-toed) cats.

Someone emailed me this morning saying she has a litter of thumbed kittens she is trying to find homes for. She doesn’t want to bring them to a shelter and I don’t blame her. Nor does she want to give them away to strangers. I’m not sure what I can do to help, but I’ve asked her to send me some photos of the thumbed darlings so I can post them here, if I get her permission to do so. I hope so! I also pray she finds good homes for these special little cats.

Here’s a cute article I found about the extra-toed cats:

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Polydactyl Cats



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  1. Super adorable baby there! I adore their tootsies so broad and perfect! Very special indeed and only for the very best furever homes putty please ❤


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