NPD: weird traits.


Here is a list of some traits of NPD (with detailed explanations), some of which I’ve never heard of, but make sense/or I have noticed (the tendency to not have opinions of their own is included here).  Some are truly strange but accurate:

Odd sense of time/no sense of the passage of time.

Unusual/bizarre eating habits

Strange work habits

Bad gift givers; stingy

Lacks a sense of humor/doesn’t get jokes (but are often meanly sarcastic)

Naive and easily taken advantage of (!) — actually makes sense because they are oblivious to what is going on around them

Complain all the time; negative and pessimistic

Passive, lack initiative

No opinions of their own

Can’t follow conversations

May look much younger than they are

Self-sabotaging impulsivity

Occasional moods of giddy euphoria (not to be confused with real happiness — which is alien to narcissists)


3 thoughts on “NPD: weird traits.

  1. These seem like weird traits until you actually live with a Narc. My estranged husband has many of these and after 13 yrs, of marriage to him, these traits began to seem normal. Now that’s weird 😉 Thanks for the list Lucky Otter 🙂


    • About the eating strange things — my MN ex used to eat Milk Bones dog biscuits (he’d actually buy a box for himself).
      But I myself used to chew rolled up little bits of paper and eat confectioners sugar out of the box. Only I stopped doing those things in my teens. I used to eat that school paste in kindergarten too, but it was sugary and I was only 5. It’s probably normal for kids (even teens) to eat odd things, but if an adult does it, there’s something strange.

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      • Yeah, that is an odd one. I am not sure if the estranged one ate weird stuff.. he would make strange concoctions, soak onions and apples in vinegar and eat them.. is that strange? Maybe I guess… Milk Bones… definitely strange.


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