Don’t judge.


3 thoughts on “Don’t judge.

  1. Uhhh Hi Lucky Otter…
    Ms lucky Otter, , uh, this is kind of scary if I’m not allowed to judge… Ma’am????
    (what was that sound….) Oh PLEEEASE Ms OTTER, PPPPLEASEeee don’t sic the dogs on me, it was an accident that I hid in the bushes and made sounds like a really big, hungry dog as guests were leaving.
    Good Morning Lucky Otter 🙂 You know that I was a little depressed after leaving the last time, but I won’t be judgemental and say it was all your fault….:)
    Actually this is a good one, oh now I am depressed again because I think of these good jokes and pranks now, instead of so many years ago.
    However, I can write these down, and be ahead when I enter my 2nd childhood, or even share with Frank because he can’tr be far behind.
    Lucky Otter, I get so depressed with what I post, that sooner or later it is hard to sleep.
    But I realized some time back that you are always there when I feel really blue. So if possible I just come and relax while I read.
    I hope you have a really good Sunday and great week!
    I send all Good Things Your way always.

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      • Ms. Lucky Otter, I will work very hard to contain the inner child within me 😉 because I would not want to detract from all the good you do here, but moreso because I should be able to control the release of all the blues and stress built up on my site.
        But I do think you know how much you and your site mean to me.
        Thank You for all you do,

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