Why aren’t more people doing this?


With all the extra cat hair in the world, why aren’t we using it to make soft, colorful mohair-like sweaters and accessories, instead of letting it clog our landfills?


Seriously, why not?  We make wigs out of extra human hair, so why not make useful items out of extra cat hair?   It’s not like there’s a shortage of it or anything.

Actually, there are a few folks doing this.  There’s even a book about crafting with cat hair.  But most people still think it’s weird and gross.  Why?  It’s not like the cats are killed for their fur.   It’s dropping off of them constantly, so why not put it to use?


Little cats made out of cat hair.

Looks like mohair or cashmere to me.

This is a really attractive bag. Don’t tell anyone what it’s made of and no one will ever know.

10 thoughts on “Why aren’t more people doing this?

  1. I don’t know why I feel this way, when I don’t have a problem with items made of wool. It really makes no sense for me to feel this way.


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    • I think it’s some kind of cultural taboo. I don’t know why, but I get it too. I guess we’re too “close” to cats….we don’t have that kind of relationship with sheep or goats. It just seems weird to wear something made out of the hair of a creature we have a close relationship with. Other than human wigs, I’d be more than a little creeped out wearing things made of human hair too.

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  2. cuz cat owners are overwhelmed and bothered with all that extra hair! I know I am!! but yea.. it makes sense and the items are cute! if youre not a cat person.. ..well we all know people who aren’t cat people who lie and say they are allergic lol
    cat hair looks so weird.. it doesn’t matter what color your cats are.. the hair is all GRAY… and ive got gray tumbleweeds everywhere even if I vacuum /mop/dust all the time.I cant keep up..
    my husband as it is calls the hair “extra kittens” lol he says I found 3 kittens in the couch.. huge balls.. in spaces you don’t get to much.
    oh my
    I dunno what to say either!
    I get itchy… from mohair.. rabbit etc as it is..


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