Only 9,019 hits to go!

Well, after two years and a month, I’m about to reach an impressive milestone:  one million hits!    Judging by the number of views I average per day, I think by this weekend it’s going to happen.

I’m so excited!

17 thoughts on “Only 9,019 hits to go!

  1. I’m nowhere close to your league but my traffic is improving and I’m loving it. So is there a place where WordPress adds up all your hits and gives you the total? Where might that be? My highest number in a single day so far is 60. Woo hoo!

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    • 60 is about what I get on Rabbit Hole per day. It has a more limited audience and that’s ok. I think this blog is popular mainly because I spend a lot of time sharing on social media, esp. Twitter, and also because I write about a lot of things and do a lot of reblogs, so that creates trackbacks and pinbacks on other blogs. I’d probably do even better if I was better at commenting on other blogs, but I fall short there. :/
      Sounds like your traffic is picking up because it’s been around now for awhile, and also because you’re expanding your scope some, beyond cluster B.

      Go to Widgets under Admin–there should one that keeps a running tally of your hits.

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  2. What a great accomplishment, it means you are touching people’s lives. What a destiny you have the abusers didn’t break you, they gave you a platform to speak a truth that helps liberate others. This also means that there are a whole lot of people either currently being abused by narcissists or trying to recover from it. When I first started asking “what is going on” and found answers on the internet there were few resources. It means there is a serious problem that people aren’t finding help for in their communities. A million people is a big city!

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    • The Internet has been called the devil, but in my book, it’s the greatest blessing scapegoats have ever found! Without it, we’d all still be floundering around, wondering what the hell is wrong with US. True, there are abusers in the narc-abuse community, as you well know…but that is VASTLY overshadowed by the support system we have found that simply did not exist 20 years ago!

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