Words of comfort for the scapegoat.



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  1. I see my (deceased) father as both an enabler of narc mom but he would at other times protect and stick up for me. It appeared in the end she had something to do with his death which happened when I was twenty years old. I needed him in my life longer. So yes, Im happy that The Lord will receive me. My journey has made me tired. Exhausted at times.

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  2. as soon as I feel like an orphan… spiritually all these evil beings surround me.. but they cant really “touch” me by which I still remain shocked.. I see and hear them around me abusing taunting.. not just in my mind as i replay it…but in real life.. and I see that I am still untouched and safe somehow… part of me wanted to start to get a little cocky about it but my heavenly Father understands that too….EVERYTIME I feel “oh no im going to fall because I just got cocky ” He holds me firm… He wont abuse me with ups and downs.. with youre safe and now ill knock you down again..for He understands the WHOLE story beginning to end.. and wants me healthy and happy in the end.. not so emotionally tortured that His repair work on me will only take longer..
    I have never felt this before I am scared of it…
    always scared of a faith that builds me up and then a let down
    just feels different this time… as its getting tested IN the midst of the turmoil this time…
    He is letting me “get it all out”
    I can actually “talk back” to my tormentors who would probably even KILL me.. and keep getting releases of peace and safety…rather than blows …
    I am subduing my enemy
    sad id have to do all this work of subduing for the simple request of “leave me alone ,do me no harm” but how good it feels…to have someone there… holding me strong it feels like old times..

    an example is. even though its anonymous I am highly sensitive so I can make “fighting comments” online on various sites and get a backlash of abuse from it.. name calling and all sorts of horrifc abuse comments,sexual abuse comments etc (low blow many emply that these days) and get so mad and scared im shaking…(there are reports that internet can even CAUSE ptsd for how much is on there!) and actually respond back at these people in powerful ways… even that I couldn’t do before..
    many of us are getting our rage out via internet these days

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  3. If you think about it Jesus was the ultimate scapegoat. His words were often misunderstood. He had to get really angry with the evil doers who had no regard for the sanctity of sacred space and he was put to death by a whole load of scapegoaters. That is why even though I would never call myself a Christian I believe Jesus is a true example of what it means to live as a true self and fully soul embodied being on earth with the courage to see deeply and speak the truth.

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  4. My relationship with my father was problematic at best, as you know. He wasn’t a narc, but he was a very angry man who took out his rage on his wife and children. I had a better relationship with my mother, but she died when I was 31. I went through a horrible depression and could barely function for several years. While I was going through this, a very elderly lady at my church died, and for some reason the priest asked me to be one of the readers at the funeral. I didn’t really want to, but I said yes because it was easier than trying to think up a plausible excuse. And since the deceased was not someone I was close to, I figured it wouldn’t be an emotional event for me, and I’d be able to get through it all right. Was I ever wrong! The scripture I had to read was Psalm 27, and when I got to that verse “though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me,” I lost it. (Good thing it was a funeral, so crying was okay.)

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