I am back WordPress…

Jason a/k/a Opinionated Man, has moved back to WordPress.com! I’m curious about the reason for the change, since he was so excited when he decided to self-host, but I guess the HarsH ReaLiTies (sorry, could not resist) of self-hosting must have gotten to him after awhile. I know I wouldn’t want to try it.

I’m secretly glad he’s moving back, because somehow, when he was self hosted, he seemed somehow farther away and less accessible to all of us newbies, scaredy-cats, and technophobes still on WP.com.

Welcome back, Jason!


9 thoughts on “I am back WordPress…

    • Maybe you still will! One thing i love about WP.com is the sense of community. I would really miss that a lot if I ever went self hosted, but I think all the technical stuff would really put me off. But I can understand the appeal of being self hosted too. I think if I ever did it, I’d hire someone to do all the tech stuff for me, troubleshoot, etc. I can’t afford it now though. I’m glad your new hosting provider is working out better though.

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      • Yeah, I get to keep my Google Analytics and Statcounter, and feed my stat addiction! 😉 I can also continue with Project Wonderful ads instead of following the dictates of the corporate overlords. 😉

        But yeah, I have thought about switching some time in the future, like when I get old, and let it live on for as long as WordPress.com lasts. Otherwise, it’ll go offline when I do. 😛

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        • I do think the Google analytics thing and enhanced stat info would be a huge draw. I’m a geek and addicted to that stuff too. I know Alexa sucks, but I have their toolbar because it gives me some information the WP.com stats do not. You might also have noticed the little “My Visitors” widget I have down in the bottom of my sidebar, which is super cool. If you click it on, you can see, in real time, yoru visitors as they come on, and what countries and cities they are coming from. Also how many times they have visited. I remember after installing it, I just sat and watched my traffic for about 2 hours, lol!

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  1. I’m glad OM has decided to make the switch back. I dunno why but he ws less accessible at his new blog in that I didn’t always get notifications via email and he was not always in the reader

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  2. Hello, I have spoken with you before on WordPress 🙂 Anyway, I need to ask you a question, but it’s not something I want to ask in public as its about Narcissists and the FM’s… Is somewhere I might contact you?
    Thank you,
    Tamara ❤

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