August is the month when most therapists go on vacation and trigger their patients’ abandonment issues.  In my case, it was the opposite, at least this week.  Last night when I’d normally be sitting in my therapist’s office, I was floating peacefully in the Gulf of Mexico, about to watch a gorgeous sunset and get a fist-bump from Spiderman.  I doubt my therapist is losing his shit over my absence, but I sure am looking forward to seeing him again this week.  In any case, this week of beach-therapy was just as good as real therapy (and a lot more fun) so I’m not complaining.


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  1. The pictures you posted of your Florida vacation are so beautiful. The greenery is only surpassed by the green I turn in envy. Ah. To go to the Florida beaches! I love the ocean. That story of the woman who had a panic attack because she’d never been in the ocean before! LOL! Imagine if she were on the West side of Florida and experiencing the ocean, itself, instead of the Gulf. BTW, I’m really happy to learn that the Gulf hasn’t been ruined by BP after all. I love nature! “There lives the dearest freshness. Deep down things.” — Gerard Manly Hopkins.

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  2. Beach therapy is the best thing in the world! My favorite kind is the craggy rocks with roaring waves where there are few people. Northern beaches! I love it in the pelting rain, I love it in the wind and cold and raging storm! One of my daughters loves the tropical kind of beaches found in the south, I guess it is what you are exposed to, but its the northern ones that make the poet in me come to life.

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    • I wonder why the beaches up north are so much rockier than the ones further south. Maine’s coast is really rocky but I’ve never been there; I hear Washington and Oregon are also rocky. Beautiful scenery for sure. Which coast do you live on? (if you want to say)

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      • The far reaches of the west coast–something I feel extremely blessed about. I’ve never been to the East coast. Check out Trinidad beach photos in Northern CA and the Lost Coast, supposed to be some of the most beautiful in the world (if you like Northern beaches)

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