Don’t judge me.



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  1. particularly the ones who have attacked me are the ones who cant/don’t want to be me! ironically being attacked by them/themselves… but either way they wouldn’t have made it…I used to just “think” maybe I am stronger..or would tell myself that at times to feel better,and it was a process and I was not strong yet..just little bits….now I KNOW I am…
    there is a Christ who says He carries you… and he takes credit and you were weak
    there is also a Christ,FATHER who MAKES YOU carry yourself .. He teaches walk and not be carried
    I have had both and needed both…
    like how my father taught me to ride a bike.. he took the training wheels off but didn’t tell me.. I was all the way down the street by myself..thinking he was still holding the bike, I was even talking to him! I looked back and saw him all the way down the street.. and the sight made me instantly fall down lol
    and I always appreciated that
    his and my relationship was VOLATILE scary and hateful
    yet he/we had those moments
    growing up bitter and strong is still growing up
    we are standing
    men grew up this way and no one batted an eye and expected them to be heralded warriors with scars and stripes…..women have them too

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    • I liked the way you described your father teaching you how to ride a bike, and I think that’s a lot like the way God works too. At the same time, I’m sorry your relationship with him was so volatile. But even the worst parents have their good moments, I guess. I can remember some good times with my parents, especially my dad. But overall it was pretty bad. :/


  2. I was naturally judgmental as a young adult but I think I was parroting my NM, because, she was. I didn’t have a lot of exposure to other people outside of my family growing up. Now, I’m very, very different and realize, something can appear one way, when it’s really another, and the saying, Only God knows, has a real meaning. And we can’t judge because we really don’t know, we can only make the best decisions we can, as only God really knows, watching from the Heavens above.

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