Getting ready for my road trip next week!

The Florida Gulf Coast before a storm (credit: my son)

I haven’t taken a long road trip since 2008! That’s WAYYYY too long. But after 8 long years, I’m getting ready for another one. Today I got my oil changed and my tires checked to make sure my car is road worthy for the 700 mile trip. I took Monday off so I’m going to Goodwill to look for an inexpensive travel bag. (I also have an emergency appointment with my therapist).

Next week, most likely next Sunday when the traffic on the highways is a little lighter, I’m driving to Port Richey, Florida, to visit my son for a whole week. I saw him in April when he came here to visit for a few days, but I’m dying to see his place (he lives in a nice apartment complex with a pool and a hot tub). I’ll be staying there to save money instead of staying in a hotel. He lives close to the beach, so we will also be hitting the beach a few times. He wasn’t able to get days off from work, but his hours are variable and I’m sure we’ll have a lot of time to spend together. He’s as excited as I am, and is planning to take me to a couple of his favorite eateries, of course the beach, and also fishing!

The water looks like molten gold.

Hopefully the weather holds up. The Gulf Coast can be iffy this time of year since it’s the middle of hurricane season. I really need this trip, not only to see my son but also to get away and just relax near the ocean and see some new sights. The timing couldn’t be better, since I’ve been so triggered and upset lately. I think this trip is just what I need and will help me regroup and get my head and my emotions together.

I’m bringing my laptop with me because I will continue to blog while in Florida, and will post pictures every day of my adventures with my son. Gosh, I can’t wait!

My son in Clearwater last year.


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19 Responses to Getting ready for my road trip next week!

  1. Safe travels! And have fun!!! 😃

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  2. avaswan says:

    Sounds like so much fun!!! Enjoy your son and the sun at the beach!

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  3. Prairie Girl says:

    Road trip!!
    Road trips begin sunshiny and happy and relaxed and full of promise and fun, and they end grumpy, tired, and continually asking yourself, “I’m I there yet?” But every time a new opportunity for a road trip comes up there ‘s the same feeling of promise and fun. Because they really are. I hope you really enjoy it and take in the sights and the odd and/or friendly people you meet along the way.

    I also hope you have a memorable time with your son and at the golden beach.

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  4. garym6059 says:

    You’ve earned it! Safe travels and can’t wait to hear the stories when you return!

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  5. nikitalondon says:

    Have a nice trip 🌅🌅🌅

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  6. nowve666 says:

    That’s a beautiful picture. You take it? The other one too. Is your daughter going with you?


  7. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Enjoy your trip. The weather is beastly hot over here but the sea (or gulf in your case) breezes are nice. If you make it over to the other side of the state, let me know!

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  8. rubycommenting says:

    I’m excited about it and I’m not the one going lol. It will be great for you and we will hear from you while your there. I’m looking forward to it:)

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  9. katiesdream2004 says:

    I hope you have the best road trip and the ocean, whether it rains, storms, or is sunny the ocean is magnificent in all its phases. What I love about a rainy beach is the absence of people

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