H.G. Tudor’s theory of narcissism and codependency (trauma bonds).

HG Tudor has a really good blog. Don’t let the frightening appearance on the main page intimidate you. I’ve been following this blog for a while and it’s been immensely helpful to me, as it has been to many others. Please give HG’s blog a chance. You will learn so much about the mind of the narcissist, straight from the horse’s mouth. Sometimes it’s helpful to have that perspective too. Here’s a very interesting theory he has about why codependent types and narcissists are so drawn to each other.

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I have not yet read any of HG Tudor’s many books about narcissism and narcissistic abuse, but I do follow his blog, Knowing The Narcissist.

HG has NPD and writes about narcissism from the “dark side,” much like Sam Vaknin does, but his writing style is more personal, story-like, and entirely different from Sam’s. Some of his posts are extremely triggering, but others belie an unexpected vulnerable side (HG is in therapy for his NPD). Many people have been helped by his blog and his books. I plan to order some of his books very soon.  He’s also an excellent writer.

Someone on a psychology forum wrote about HG Tudor’s book, “Chained: The Narcissist’s Codependent.”

HG Tudor […] poses a theory that the codependent who is bound to a narcissist is actually a person who was set up in childhood to be a narcissist him/herself, but was arrested in…

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