I think this might be what heaven looks like.

These pictures were taken on a beach in the Maldives (no, I didn’t take them–I don’t know who the photographer is), where the plankton in the water makes the beaches there glow.   These photos are not tampered with.  I think this is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.   I must find a way to go there someday!





The organisms responsible for the magical glow.

These photos appeared on the Twitter account @ThatBucketList



10 thoughts on “I think this might be what heaven looks like.

  1. Maldives, such beautiful photos and place, never been there… always wanted to go. The saddest thing though is that I’ve read some articles that Maldives will be gone in like 30 years or something like that, cause of the global warming melting the ice of the South Polen and North Pole.. 😢 very sad that future generations wont be able to see this paradise.. Oh, by the way, one time I almost travelled to Puerto Rico, and I read that one of their Islands also has a bay that is biolumenescent, blue and glowing in the dark like this… Like you, I will probably have to see it one day.. 😊

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    • I read that about the Maldives too, because of global warming. 😦 I didn’t know that about PR though–that may be more do-able anyway.


  2. And to think I was enchanted by the fireflies, which I noticed for the first time in the five years I have lived here, during last night’s storm-induced blackout! Guess we’ll have to be satisfied with the little miracles like that when they occur in our own backyards.

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