Painting therapy.


I had a dream that I painted my walls, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  I think it will be therapeutic because it will help me stay mindful and in the present.    I think the dingy, stained beige has been depressing me, so I’m going to paint them bright white!  🙂


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  1. Enjoy!!! I LOVE painting and agree it’s very therapeutic, especially if you sing to your favourite music while you paint 😊💖

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  2. I like what potofcallaloo said, I think she’s right. What an uplifting post. You’re taking the bull by the horns and doing something about it. Expending energy in a creative and positive way. I’ve always believed that the environment I live in is very important to my mood and the way I feel. I try to make things look nice around me too:)

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    • Changing your environment can work wonders. I feel a lot better now with my different colored walls. 🙂 I still have one to go but 3 walls make a big difference.


      • It does look dark. In my living room it doesn’t look dark at all.

        Good luck on painting; I would echo what another commenter said about pure white; it can be very sterile and harsh.

        But I think the idea is great, you get such a feeling of satisfaction and huge aesthetic payoff by painting.


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  3. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do for your environment and mood. We finally painted after around 12 years and it made a world of difference. So I think it’s a great idea. Just let me mention a little warning. Bright white can look really disturbing sometimes . I only say so because every single wall in the house I grew up in was bright white. And there was no space in that house that ever felt warm, inviting or cozy. It felt sterile. Bright white can look good if there are objects and textiles and warm carpets or layers of interesting things and art on the wall. Or if it’s done with a Nantucket type vibe. There are environments white can look great. But very often bright white can feel really cold and sterile…..and it can also sometimes really exaggerate the flaws and age of surrounding items. But everyone is attracted to a different feel. So maybe you’re thinking crisp and fresh and clean looking. And sometimes it does have that effect. But you can also easily wind up with a space that looks like a prison cell. So choose wisely. lol But I do think the paint is a great idea.

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    • Yes, there’s a lot of other colors in the room so not everything is white. I don’t really care for that “minimal” look either. But being that not a lot of light enters the room, I thought white would look great with all the colorful accents. It does! I did want something crisp and clean looking.

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  4. yeah! Its so invigorating to change your environment and I think the desire to do so and the energy is a sign that your internal self is healing. Just a theory I have, but I believe that the presence of hope in our souls makes us want to beautify or environment to be congruent with what is going on. The years I was really depressed, I hated summer it was incongruent with my sad, heavy broken down heart. Gray, dark days, felt right, because it mirrored my world.

    I’m getting bright flowers around me. It is a sign to me that I’m changing


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