Why You Need to Be Careful With Your Life

Here’s some great advice I wish I’d gotten.
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Dream Big, Dream Often

A few days ago I posed a question: What advice would you give a newborn infant?  The question is obviously not literal as a newborn would not be able to understand the question.  Nonetheless, I have spent considerable time thinking about it and have come up with my answer…

…Be careful with your life.

credit: Zach Sloan/Summitpost.org

Too cautious and you miss out on the adventures that create the memories that make life worthwhile in the moment.  Too adventurous and you could miss out on the seemingly mundane events that make it all worthwhile in the end.  It’s a fine balance this thing called life.  Many of us get caught up in what we are expected to do and life passes us as quickly as the flash of a lightning bolt.  Then there is the group at the other end of the spectrum who live life as if today is…

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