Tuesday thought.


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  1. I think there is a lot of truth in that. They get all defensive because they’re aware of their own misgivings and then meet someone with far fewer misgivings than them and they can’t handle it. So they try to make the other person look bad, then they can feel better about themselves.

    It’s weird, I’ve met people who were ‘better’ or ‘more’ than me in a number of ways, but, I never tore them apart for it, I just worked on improving myself. It’s almost like if someone admits something bad to you that they did, then you had better admit to something you did too just so they can feel better.

    In my life, I’ve seen I’ve always had to step down to people, let them win, whether they were the winners or not. It’s almost like I’ve played this game of life foolishly, by always trying to be good. It’s worked against me.

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    • I hear you. I’ve always been a pushover because I’m “nice”. I do envy people, but I’m like you, I don’t envy people to the point of trying to destroy what they have. Envy isn’t pleasant, but sometimes it can motivate you to do better.

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