A thank you to all my international readers.


One thing that still excites me is seeing how much reach this blog has had.  Two years ago, my thoughts were read by no one.   They didn’t even leave the confines of my own brain.  That sure has changed!  Pictured above is a map showing my visitors since January 1, 2016. It still shocks me (in a very good way) that people in almost every country have visited my little corner of the Internet. So I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for taking the time to visit and read this blog. It’s very much appreciated.

17 thoughts on “A thank you to all my international readers.

  1. How do you find a map of viewers? I did find a list of countries of people who live there that viewed my blog, but not a map. I had one view from Greece. Amazing! And many other countries.

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