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    • Me too, I love dogs particularly big dogs because they make me safe. Dogs rescue us in so many ways, they make me believe God exists because of the gift they are to the human race. Sad that my housing doesn’t allow them

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      • Oh, I’m sorry they don’t allow dogs. 😦 It’s so sad that most landlords won’t let you keep pets, not even small pets. So many homeless animals and so many people who would love to have one if it was allowed.

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      • Oh, I am sorry your housing doesn’t allow dogs. I hope that can change eventually. I do prefer big dogs, too. However, when our precious Cattle Dog, Lady, died a year ago, I was trying to pick her up, to get her to the vet, and she was far too big for me to carry. She probably would have died anyway, she was so old and her health was going downhill, even though she had recently checked out fine at the vet’s. But it was such an awful feeling, trying to pick her up off the floor, and not being able to, while she was struggling to breathe.

        Oh…. Lady had a good long life with us, she knew she was dearly loved, she was a happy girl, and she died in my arms with me telling her how much I love her, and my husband on the speaker phone telling her he loved her and was coming home. I try to focus on those good things. The dog we have is a little poodle, we found him abandoned and starving on the highway a few months before Lady died. He was lick-kissing her as she was dying. So sad, and so sweet. He cried for two weeks, after. He is our fur baby now. He doesn’t weigh 20 pounds, and I feel better, knowing I can carry him when he needs it. Which he often does, when we go on long walks and he gets tired. Ha, and that way I get my upper body workout.

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          • I always wanted a poodle when I was a little girl, but they were much too expensive. They still are. Finding this little guy was like finding a gift from heaven. He has filled the void since we lost our sweet Lady.

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            • Yes!! We found our poodle as a puppy, injured — he may have been hit by a car — covered with over 30 ticks, and almost dead from starvation. I put ads around, not describing him, but just saying that we had found an injured starved poodle on the highway and please call to describe if you have lost a poodle. I didn’t say what size or color or sex he is, nothing. Then I said, “If this is your poodle, explain how this poor animal came to be in this pitiful condition!” So, would you believe that no one called to claim him, lol.

              We fed him, de-ticked him, took him to the vet, and now he is a healthy happy dog, the joy of our life. He grew several inches taller after we got him, so we know he is very young.

              I named him Scrappy. Because he is. 🙂

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            • What a wonderful, heart-warming story!

              I am glowing with warm fuzzies!

              Scrappy; HOW cute!

              (I bet he feels just as lucky as you do!)

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