Monday Melody: Cherry Bomb (The Runaways)


I’m not usually a big fan of all-female punk rock acts, but there are a few exceptions. One of the very first all-female punk bands was The Runaways (where the still-gorgeous rocker Joan Jett got her start), which got their start in the mid 1970s. The Runaways paved the way for early all-female rock bands like The Go-Gos in the early 1980s and even later than that, the riot grrrl movement of the late 1980s and early 1990s, which included acts like Bikini Kill, Hole, and Sleater-Kinney.

I wasn’t going to include “Cherry Bomb” as a Monday Melody, because it was never a huge hit in the United States. However, most of those who enjoyed hard rock and punk rock back in the day could really groove to this, and it’s full of attitude and swagger. These girls can rock like the boys.  I love their raw sound.  I just heard this song today and couldn’t stop watching this live video recorded in 1977, so this week it makes the list. Check out a 19-year old Joan Jett on guitar. She’s just as pretty today, at age 57! So is lead singer, Cherie Currie, who’s only a year younger. It’s truly hard to believe these girls are now all pushing 60!

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  1. Good Evening My Friend…. no, I better not do the “kicked off here” bit, Oh, you should know that if I’m not in my second childhood I am surely not far from it.
    I hope your weekend has been a good one!
    You remodeled…. and it looks good(and dangerous). Why dangerous???? Because I KNOW who the Queen is.
    I would never have thought you knew anything about this music, don’t say you do a little singing or me and Frank will bring our Axes over and house-party your classy remodel.
    Keep up the good work,

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      • That is great, music can be one of the purest things on this earth.
        I started playing piano by 5-years-old, and music has been a big part of our life since that time.
        Keep up the great writing and helping others, your Heart of Gold shines like a light house.

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            • Yes My Friend, imagine this:
              You are learning to play, and you have all this pent-up energy and drive, but your tutor is there for only 1 hour a week….
              Frank and I have been extremely driven all our lives. I don’t mind pointing out that this is another tainted stat in this tainted society we live in.
              In most places you read where people like us are supposed to be mental midgets, mistreat animals, and abuse Our Children.
              Nothing could be further from the truth, and even you will agree, because you are a high-speed low-drag person(Driven), and you care about everyone, but you don’t take no dumb crap. Also you wouldn’t abuse a fly.
              People like us don’t abuse our Children any more than the “normal” people, HOWEVER, that is another one of my points I love to tout: A WHOLE lot more people have been abused than let on, AND there is not as much indifference toward Child Abuse as it appears.
              The reason Children are not fully protected in any state, nor have they ever been since thousands of years ago, is very simple: At least 65% and possibly 75% of every adult on this earth is a Child Predator. AND I believe at least this same number is a more realistic number of Abused Children.
              This past weekend came as close as possible to proving I am a whole lot closer than almost every one else.
              Read my Maryland Volunteer posts, in my first post, there were 10 victims ages 9 to 13, and not one of them reported what was happening.
              I so enjoy communicating with you, I always learn something, but you let me talk too.

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  2. Um..correction needed. Heart was/is not an all female rock band. It’s only fronted by two women who happen to be sisters. And since the roots of Heart began in the late 60s and early 70s, you can’t really say The Runaways inspired them. Mmm. One more thing. The Runaways are more punk than hard rock. Joan Jett slicked it up in her solo career and went into more mainstream rock. But The Runaways are too raw to be called rock or hard rock, and that’s the beauty of their sound.

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  3. There’s something very powerful about these women rockers. Raw is the perfect word to describe the Runaways. Beautiful women who act rough n tough. Kind of neat. Don’t mess with ’em:)

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