Narcissistic Parents of Adult Children

Just a reminder if you have a narcissistic parent…this is so important to remember.


image chef change youIf you have a narcissistic parent, then nothing of your own belongs to you. Not your mind, not your thoughts, not your feelings.

The narcissists feels entitled to control and own all of your things, both physical and mental.

When you have an idea you want to try that is different from theirs, they will put up a fight to make you change to their way of doing things. They have no right to d this. You are an adult with the same rights they have. 

They do not ever see you as an adult, or as an individual with your own rights, gifts and talents.

They feel you are something they own and should control when you need controlling. 

If you do not comply with their wishes, they will try to undermine you in any way they can.

Narcissistic parents have gone so far as to publicly shame…

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6 thoughts on “Narcissistic Parents of Adult Children

  1. Spot on! It still amazes, baffles me, confuses me. Why did they have to go through my drawers so suspicously, questioning me. Hold my mail up to the light. Read all my emails. Waltz in and out of my soul and heart. WHY!?!

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  2. I’m 41 and my mother is a hot mess. She has had about 3 marriage fails. I think it’s bc she is a narcissistic person. She wouldn’t give access to my dad. She is running from her problems. At least my foster mother is better than that.

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    • Are you in contact with your birth mother? If you feel more comfortable with your foster mother, then you should consider her your “real” mother. The love of a child isn’t a birthright, it has to be earned.


  3. “The love of a child isn’t a birthright, it has to be earned. ” Very true my friend. I consider my foster more of a mther. She isn’t perfect but I love her just the same. 😀

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