no internet

I havent posted because my internet decided to stop working and i have to type this on my tiny smartphone. Someone is coming over from charter tommorrow afternoon to fix whatever the problem is. I use charter and they suck. 😦

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  1. Good luck getting back online. Reading the book by. the lobotomy surviver inspired me to watch Frances tonight. I can’t get over what a disgusting, revolting mess her mother was. A narcissistic mom if ever there was one. She really wanted to use her daughter as an extension of herself. She would gurgle with delight at every ‘success” her daughter had despite the fact that Frances didn’t see it as a success. And even when that wicked old woman brought Frances down she would gurgle with delight art how wonderful HER life was. Like the witch in Hansel and Gretel eating her child. And every possibility of Frances returning to Hollywood would fill her with soupy delight. She was Like a Holy Roller. She so disgusted me.

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  2. I have Charter too, and have been having odd outages frequently in the past couple of months…seems like there’s an outage every other week, lasting for hours at a time! What’s really sad is that Charter is the best ISP offered out in my neck of the woods. I miss having Xfinity, LOL

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