Our twisted society.


There’s already been enough written about the narcissistic society we live in that rewards greed and selfishness (even ruthlessness) and thinks of corporations as people. There’s something deeply wrong with any society where CEOs are making hundreds of times more than the workers at the bottom of the totem pole, who are trying to subsist on minimum wage and sometimes having to work 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet. There’s something evil about any society where the working poor still may not be able to afford a place to live, and cannot even go to the doctor when they get sick. And then on top of that, they are accused of being lazy, stupid, or shiftless. These victims of the system are blamed for all of society’s ills by–you guessed it–the Tea Partiers in their sterile, gated communities and the ultra wealthy who drive new Lamborghinis and own four vacation homes.

But the insane disparity between the ultra-rich and the poor is an issue that’s well-known and finally beginning to be talked about more in the media, and that’s a good thing. I don’t want to get on a political soapbox though. I actually want to talk about something else that’s related but rarely discussed: the way a few people are rewarded for being leeches on society and sucking the life out of hardworking, deserving people who are left with nothing. Ironically, it’s liberal politics, rather than conservative, that’s responsible for what I’m about to rant about. In my opinion, neither of the major political parties have anyone’s best interests at heart. They’re both funded by mega-corporations who only have their own interests in mind and care nothing about the people who live under their dominion.

I’m referring here to my ex. I know I’ve talked about this lifesucking parasite before, but someone brought it up and I’ve been triggered again, so I’m going to rant. I also realize I’ve had issues with those who hold onto a victim mentality, but sometimes things just get to be too much and there’s no escaping our victimization. Sometimes you just have to rant.

Our sick society is rewarding a man richly for having antisocial personality disorder. This conscienceless jerk used and abused me for 27 years — freeloading off my already strapped circumstances for 7 of those years and refusing to work or lift a finger during the time he stayed glued to my couch while I worked my ass off so that he could qualify for disability (SSI). He was always lazy as f*ck and even though was capable of a limited amount of labor, he always made the excuse that he couldn’t work and still qualify for disability (physically, he has diabetes and knee problems).

He expected me to give him a free place to stay, drive him to his doctors appointments, and never even bothered to clean the house or even clean up after himself. This leech stayed on my couch, leaving a dent in it from his constant hateful presence, left his dirty dishes and cigarette butts all over the coffee table, threw trash on the floor, brought in a dog that almost got me kicked out of my house, and expecting me to buy his cigarettes and lottery tickets. He complained about the inexpensive but healthy food I bought. He thought that because he was diabetic, he was entitled to steak every night. He blasted his horrible music when I was trying to sleep and raged at me whenever I asked him to turn it down. He spent all his time trolling political websites, cruelly bullying people he disagreed with. He insisted I hand him over a third of my tax returns, but now that he has money he won’t give me a dime (not that I would ask because technically I’m NC with him).


He was rejected 4 times for SSI, and a year after I got a restraining order on him (for threatening my daughter), he finally got his booty–-which included $31K in back disability pay for the years he freeloaded off me. (Yes, I know I was stupid to allow this but whenever I threatened to kick him out, he’d threaten to commit suicide and make it look like a murder, and I was so beaten down I felt like I didn’t have a choice).

That was bad enough, but a few months ago I learned that his SSI income was DOUBLED because his psychiatrist diagnosed him with ASPD because he’s unemployable and “possibly homicidal.” Thats right–he’s being PAID not to work because he’s an antisocial POS. With the $31K (which is already spent–God knows how he accomplished that in just two months) he bought himself a brand new truck, a huge flat screen TV and a collection of new swords, and no doubt enough weed to last him for months. To his credit, he did buy our son (who he bullied and scapegoated throughout his childhood) some expensive camera equipment, but I suspect there was self-interest involved in this–buying my son over to his side so he can gloat about how I’m too poor to ever buy him anything.


The original $700 a month he was to be getting per month in benefits was increased to $1200 after he was diagnosed with ASPD! He also gets almost $400 a month in food stamps and full medical coverage. He still sits around watching TV and trolling political websites all day and sleeping. Meanwhile I have to keep slaving away at a grueling job that’s slowly killing me and have NOTHING to show for it. I can’t afford cable and don’t even own a TV, have no health insurance, and can’t even get my ancient car fixed. Yes, of course I’m envious. 😡 I get so mad just thinking about it that it can and has ruined my day, so that’s all I’m going to say because it’s unhealthy for me to dwell on it.

I’m trying to let go of this bitterness because there’s nothing I can do about it. I might write an anonymous letter to the paper describing the injustice of this state of affairs, but then again, I might not because I know nothing will be done. I can’t dwell on these bitter feelings even if they’re justified. It’s a very sick society where dangerous and useless people like him get to live high off the hog and honest people who try to play by the rules have to slave away at 2 or 3 jobs just to have food on the table–AND we still have to pay taxes to keep human cancers like him enjoying their creature comforts.

I only have one thing left to say:


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  1. You totally let him mouch off you. Kill himself and make it look like murder? Silly. But if he can get SSI for having ASPD you should be able to get it for having BPD. Are you sure ASPD is the whole ground for his benefits? The criminal justice system doesn’t give a free pass for psychopathy. In fact, you are treated more harshly if you are a psychopath. I never heard of anyone getting SSI for ASPD.

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    • I might be able to do that, if I had a place to stay and not have to work during the qualifying process which can take years. You are not allowed to work while applying for SSI and there is no way I can live without working. There isn’t anyone in the world who would or could support me so I could qualify, not that I would expect anyone to. I’m the black sheep in my family and am NC with most of them anyway. My kids are too young and not financially stable enough and I would hate for them to have to support me when they’re trying to establish their own lives. I’ll probably be working until the day I drop dead unless I marry again but that doesn’t look likely either. My only option is writing a book, which I intend to do.

      I did let him mooch off me but I was so beaten down and scared of him and felt like I had no other choices. I wish I had been braver and got that restraining order years earlier–or better than that, not having been dumb enough to let him move back in with me at all! I thought physical violence had to be involved to get a restraining order. I found out, too late, it’s not necessary, especially if you’re not legally married. But I didn’t know that.

      He also has diabetes, knee problems and possibly some other mental conditions. But that didn’t stop him from knowing exactly what he was doing and doing it well. It was the ASPD that got them to DOUBLE his benefits though.

      The cruel irony of all this is that it’s because of me he’s living so well. And he still hates my guts and tells everyone who will listen what a dumb and crazy whore and c__t I am.


      • Hey lucky, I’ve mentioned this in the past — I adjudicated claims by deciding whether people medically qualifiy by SSI. There is nothing in anything you mentioned that would give me any reason to suspect he could ever get SSI. SSI is based off of how much you have paid into social security and is measured quarterly. If he has not been working he is not on SSI. SSI requires your disability to be so bad that you are medically predicted that you cannot work for a full year!

        Your husband must be on SSDI, which is based on low-income combined with disability. I’ll admit that I know less about this than SSI, but I do know a few things: one is that you CAN work, but either the income and/or hours are under a certain threshold. Of course, there has to be medical evidence of a disability and some proof that you haven’t been able to work full-time/steadily. I don’t think you would qualify, though. Have you been working full time? Are you able to keep a job? Could you get a doc to sign off on a statement you can’t work steadily? These are all important questions.

        As far as your ex goes that BLOWS. The fact that he didn’t work for so long And that he has a diagnosis that would severely limit his work possibilities is why he is on disability. I’d encourage you very strongly to call the SSI/SSDI fraud division and make your case that as his partner of 27 years you believe he is fully capable of working. I promise you they will more closely look at his claim. Believe me, most SS worker are trying to deny people of benefits bc there are so many applicants (so they try to make incentives so the people who are most disabled get the benefits).

        BTW, my brother is on SSDI for an emotional disability. He is able to work, but only sporadically. He can keep a job usually only couple of weeks/months at a time. There are times he is well enough to work full time and loses his benefits but he just applies again and gets them back. Believe me, it’s a difficult process and hard to work the system. If your ex doesn’t need the benefits you need to make the call so other people who need that income can get it!

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        • Thanks Quixie, I’ll be looking into this. It’s not that I want to “get back” at him or anything, but you’re right, he’s taking away funds from people who really do need them. I do believe he’s capable of limited employment and should not be getting that much.

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  2. What I find extremely disturbing is that we slave everyday, for what?? We slave to push paper currency up to this top 2% of wealth. Im not so sure what drives this 2%, but I do believe they ought to remove the steel plugs they have in their heads. They push the concept of God. But its clearly evident that they have no conscience. They have no empathy. And they hoard resources that are fruits of the earth and given to us through mother nature.

    This month, 4 of my friends have died.

    1-My coworker Jason was taken out by a hit and run driver. He was only 33 years old and a very sweet person.

    2-My friend Barbie who was my business manager when I worked at Sak 5th Ave, New York. She died from cancer. She was in her late 50s and a very string willed woman.

    3-My close friend Mike who was also a very stronged willed man who was nicknamed, “The Watchdog”. He challenged the system and died at 62 and was the only person to break a 1 party government structure, and we planned to try to break it again.

    4-My running mates wife…from 2011. He ran for the Mayor on the ticket with me. Together we tried to break a 1 party rule.

    So what wrong with society????

    Something is drastically wrong… Because these friends were taken out way too young.

    They talk about all these wars and pit us against each other to manipulate us into believing that we are enemies. But what is our enemy??

    Organized Religion
    Wall street
    Our broken currency and its 2% of greedy people

    Can you all add more to this list???

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  3. It depends on the personality.

    I’ve met along the way.

    Some people who are rich are generous and kind. There are those who are rich who bully others.

    Some people who are poor are generous. There are also who are lazy and full of big mouth.

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