How my ex became a malignant narcissist.

I thought I’d repost this article again, because it shows exactly how narcissism can be passed from one generation to the next, due to emotional abuse of a child that stunts or halts their healthy development of a sense of self.

Since this article was written back in February, my ex was diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) and due to his “unemployability due to possible homicidal tendencies,” he got $31K in disability back pay AND an increase in disability payments. Commenting on this outrage is beyond the scope of this article and I’ve already ranted enough about it anyway. He has already gone through all the money, as I suspected he would. It still doesn’t sit well with me that his monthly income due to being a narcissistic, antisocial jackass who games the system and freeloads off others so he never has to work again exceeds mine.

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I’ve talked about several of my own family members and how narcissism has infected other family members with NPD and/or made them victims, but I haven’t focused too much on how my ex husband Michael, as malignant as they come, got that way.

So I am doing that now.

Michael, like most narcissists, wasn’t born that way. He was the only child of a machinist who was rarely home and when he was, stayed in the background, believing raising a child was “woman’s work.” The household was blue collar but back in the early ’60s, blue collar didn’t mean poor. A working class man could adequately support his family, buy a home, have two cars, and his wife didn’t have to work to help make ends meet.

From all accounts, Michael’s father loved him in his rough-around-the-edges macho way, but he spent hours every day in bars or at the…

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  1. Imagine getting $3100 for having ASPD. What kind of Disability is it? State, Federal. I remember a bureaucrat argued because I was trying to get a girl with only one leg on disability. Wow!


    • I think it’s state but not sure. I have to go by what my daughter tells me because I’m not in direct contact with him. I don’t think he gets $3100 a month. He got $31K in backpay. I think he gets something like $2000 a month, maybe a little less.


  2. I sometimes think people can’t just make stories like this up. There is still a part of me, though, that thinks maybe some very creative people can. In any case, when it is real, individuals don’t have to continue to wallow in it, or use it, or blame it for current behavior. Those are all choices that can be made. Your ex seems to have chosen his path and if there’s is any justice or karma the benefit he has received as a result may someday bite him in the ass or at least come to an end.

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