Cluster B disorders: an explanation

Informative video about the Cluster B disorders that discusses what they have in common and what causes someone to develop them. BPD has been unfairly stigmatized because of its similarity in some ways to the other disorders in this cluster, but few people recognize that borderlines don’t lack empathy or a conscience the way people with NPD and ASPD do, even though they can be difficult to deal with and even abusive when they are triggered.

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  1. This is interesting. I love reading your posts, Lucky. However, because of your new Live Feed app that shows where your readers are located, I won’t be coming back here for awhile, because I have been getting death threats over the past several days. The town I live in is very small and I know that a search on my pen name brings up your website, and I need to keep my location private. I did a search and found a way to delete my town from your live feed, but I have to do that every time I click onto your blog, which takes a while to do and in the meantime, my town shows at the top of your app.

    Here is a post I did last night that explains why I am getting these insane death threats:

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      • You really are a good person. Thank you so much! It was fascinating to see where all your blog readers were logging in from, but with the death threats I’ve been getting, it was making me nervous. I’m probably going overboard with the paranoia, but, you know, death threats from a crazy malignant narcissist tend to do that to a person.

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          • Lauren, I am really amazed that you took that Live Feed app down, just because it was making me feel too exposed. I didn’t expect you to do that! It really was super cool to see where all your readers are logging in from. At any given moment, you had readers from all over the world, from places that I never even heard of!

            Now I feel terribly guilty for even saying anything about it. It is probably highly unlikely that the person who wants to kill me for calling child protection about her little girl being abused, could track me down here on your site, and find where I am living just because of that app. She would have to be very cunning to figure out that she could track me here, wait until she sees that I have just posted a comment, and then look at the feed to see the location of the person who most recently logged in. My worry was really stupid, the more that I think about it!

            I wish now that you will go ahead and put that app back, because the odds of anyone finding me that way are probably astronomical.

            One thing this has proven to me, beyond any shadow of a doubt: there is no way that you are a narcissist and I highly doubt that you are bpd, either. I say this because only a truly caring, UNSELFISH, and empathetic person would do what you did just because of my stupid, unreasonable fear. You are an awesome person, Lucky!


    • Alaina-I just read the story you posted and that breaks my heart. I wanted to comment there but of course I can’t so I’ll comment here.
      That poor child and her mother! Especially poignant is how she is blaming herself (the little girl). You did the right thing. I will definitely say a prayer for that little girl and her mom, and you and your husband too. I hope everything works out for them, and that horrible couple is put in jail where they belong. I don’t know if it’s the drugs or not, but they sound really evil.

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