Buy your narcissist their own identifying button!


Now you can really pin a label on your narcissist! You can buy them a button that tells the world what they are! Just imagine–if they all wore these, we wouldn’t need to look for red flags.

Order one here:

You can see the creator’s dad wearing one in this post.

Ruji makes buttons for all ten personality disorders. At this moment it looks like the only other button available is Borderline Personality Disorder (including one featuring the lyrics to Madonna’s song “Borderline”) and Paranoid Personality Disorder. The rest should be available soon. So keep checking! There is a photo of what the other buttons will look like when available:

5 thoughts on “Buy your narcissist their own identifying button!

  1. Pretty sad that people are now literally wearing these labels, and ironic that are labeling themselves with “illnesses” that don’t even qualify as real illnesses – there’s no real science or validity behind them. This is one of the more pathetic things to come along in a while.

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    • Generally I agree, but I think these are just meant to be fun. The girl who makes these is a very sweet person who’s dad is a low spectrum narcissist but it appears they get along fine, and he went along with the joke and “modeled” the button.
      I just think it’s sort of geeky/coo (because I am a geek). I dunno….I I just like stuff like this. I’m not suggesting anyone take it too seriously.


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