The Early Warning Sign Of A Toxic Person You Never Hear About

A very important (but rarely talked about) early warning sign you are dealing with a narcissist.

Free From Toxic

imageThe Department of Homeland Security has a color-coded terrorism alert system. Red, the highest level, means severe risk of terrorist attacks. The lowest level, green, means low risk of terrorist attacks. Between those are Blue (guarded risk), yellow (significant) and then there is orange (high). There is a lesser known and very subtleearly warning sign you may be dating a toxic personthat you never hear about. It’s not quite the level of a red alert, but it is definitely in the orange to red range andit should put you on high alert that you are in danger ofbeing at the very least, emotionally abused, bya toxic person, narcissist or sociopath. It’s a tacticcalled Subtle Ignoring. It is generally a precursor to full-blown narcissistic abuse and the frequent use of the silent treatment.

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    • I never thought of that one either, but it’s the God’s honest truth. It’s almost 100% accurate too. Get out the first time it happens, before the real abuse starts.

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