I can’t stop eating these.

These are like crack. I can and have eaten an entire box in one sitting.


20 thoughts on “I can’t stop eating these.

  1. How’s this for food porn?

    It’s a beef Wellington. I always wanted to make one of these. I hear it’s an all day project. I only had once once but it was the best thing I ever ate.

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      • I did! That’s why I called you a brat, lol! Those Cheez-It Grooves are bad enough. I’ve never had any but now I’m going to have to buy some and I know I will probably eat the whole box, too, because I tend to do that with delicious cheesy salty crunchy snacks. But when I saw your pictures in the comments my mouth started watering, especially over that chocolate whatever it is…. brat brat brat! 🙂

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