Downsizing the menagerie.

Today I will be rehoming my dog, Dexter and two of my cats–Mr. Biggles and Cleo. I wrote about all my pets back in November in this post.

Some of you may be shocked or even upset with me that the person who is taking them is none other than my MN ex. You may assume I don’t care about my pets or that I am a terrible pet owner for allowing this. But there’s a few practical and even good reasons I made the decision to let him take my dog and two of my cats.

1. My ex, in spite of his terrible treatment of people (women in particular) has always been very kind to animals. I have never known him to be cruel to any animal and in fact he has more patience with them than I do. Even psychopathic malignant narcissists like him may have their good points–a small uncorrupted part of their soul that sticks out from the mass of malignancy like a blade of grass sticking out of a pile of dog crap.

2. Mr. Biggles was his cat (my ex was the one who brought him home originally) and he was always more attached to him than I was. In fact, Biggles was his favorite.

3. Cleo would be living in a more remote area that is less close to the main roads than I am (my ex finally found a place to live and it’s nice). She’s an indoor/outdoor cat (who prefers the outdoors) and will be less likely to be hit by a car.

4. Dexter was initially my ex’s dog (he adopted him too) and frankly, I’m more of a cat person than a dog person which means I don’t give Dexter the attention he requires or play with him as much as I should. Lately he’s been whining a lot and acting neurotic due to the lack of attention but I just don’t have enough interest or time (because I work all day) to spend more time interacting with him, although I do try. My ex was always very attached to Dexter and I know will spend more time playing with him than I do. He’s also on disability so is home all the time.
He also has a fenced in area in the back of the house that I do not. Dexter needs to run, and I can’t afford to have my yard fenced in right now.

5. Not that I really give a damn about my ex’s feelings anymore, but having these 3 animals he already knows well would make him happy. I’m a nice person.

6. Living in a 2-bedroom house, I have more pets than I can practically afford or maintain. This will bring the number down to three cats.

7. The cats would be happier if there weren’t so many of them crammed into a small place like this. They like their space and are invading each others’ boundaries!


Mr. Biggles.


It’s not without some sadness I will be saying goodbye to Cleo, Mr. Biggles and Dexter today. I love all three of them and will miss them, but I know this is the right decision and that they will be okay. If I knew they would be treated badly or ignored, I would not be parting with them.

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  1. The biggest Narcissist I know is amazing with animals. In fact, he’s the first person I’d go to if I needed to “board” them.
    I can’t deny that it’s strange, but animals love him back! đŸ™‚ lol

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    • It’s weird, isn’t it? Animals love my ex too. In fact they prefer him to me. It’s said animals can sense when evil is around them but for some narcs, I guess all the animals can sense is the blade of grass sticking out of the pile of shit–and as far as they’re concerned, that’s all that applies to them. It’s said Hitler loved dogs too.

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      • It is so bizarre. Completely. But yeah, all my animals have always loved him. When we went out of town once, our cat was on meds for cystitis, and he took care of her. Short of myself or the vet, I’ve no doubt she was in the best possible care!

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  2. Aw they are all so gorgeous. Sorry you had to make this decision. But if they will be better off it is totally understandable. Re-homing is always hard no matter how good of a place you find for them.

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