So what the hell IS malignant narcissism anyway?

The term “malignant narcissism” seems to be everywhere these days, especially on the Internet. But what exactly makes it different from “normal” narcissism?

Here’s a very good definition of how it differs from garden-variety NPD. I had no idea the term has existed this long!

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16 thoughts on “So what the hell IS malignant narcissism anyway?

  1. Good post.

    I found the following definitions of “malignant” and “narcissism” on thefreedictionary(dot)com:

    malignant (məˈlɪɡnənt)
    1. having or showing desire to harm others
    2. tending to cause great harm; injurious
    3. (Pathology) pathol (of a tumour) uncontrollable or resistant to therapy; rapidly spreading

    nar·cis·sism (när′sĭ-sĭz′əm)
    1. Excessive preoccupation with or admiration of oneself. See Synonyms at conceit.
    2. A personality disorder characterized by self-preoccupation, need for admiration, lack of empathy, and unconscious deficits in self-esteem.
    3. Erotic pleasure derived from contemplation or admiration of one’s own body or self, especially as a fixation on or a regression to an infantile stage of development.

    Put the two words together, and Malignant Narcissism can be defined as: a lack of empathy, combined with a desire or tendency to cause great harm to others.

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  2. Just the part of deriving psychological pleasure over accomplishments. I don’t think that makes a narcissist IMO. From what I understand, a narc doesn’t need a reason, ie, he doesn’t have to accomplish anything at all, because he is grandiose all the time.

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    • I agree with you on this. I did find that part odd–of course we all derive psychological pleasure over accomplishments. Maybe the definition refers to antisocial “accomplishments” Yeah, it’s weird.

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      • I thinking,…a Malignant Narcissist has an antisocial sense of accomplishments. This disordered individual derives pleasure, an arrousal through an accomplishment of inflicking pain in their victim. I also think they are OCD and plot a goal, an adventure that revolves around them.

        So this is my example of a accomplishment to a Somatic Malignant Narcissist:

        He’s fixated on various forms of pornagraphy. He does not have the ability to feel, because the front lobal portion of his brain is overactive. He can’t feel empathy or happiness, but he can feel euphoric. So let’s just say hypothetically he has a set goal of victims that he needs to conquest in a certain fixed amount of time. And I believe he has the same pattern with each person. Everything is mechanical to them. I even think they have OCDs with time frames and even dates. Maybe part of the conquest is to have a photograph as a keepsake memory. Their pretty weird people because they lack empathy.

        Anyway, I think a normal Narcissist is self centered, because they have extremely low self esteem and they are somewhat shut down. I think Malignant has the Psychopathic factor. The brain is missing the empathic part in the Synapses. So life to them is a search to feel something. And that something is an arrousal. They are pathologically envious of those who were born with feelings…so they somehow discovered they can feel arroused by victimizing feelings people.

        Just a theory I have…

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            • I just remembered something, a Malignant Narcissist said to me. The Malignant Narc I knew joined the US Army, but coincidentally injured his back during training once he learned he was called to serve in Iraq. I said to him that real love is when a women is dedicated to her husband when he returns from war disabled. And it stands the same for a man who stands behind a disabled woman. His respond: I think its selfish to expect a person to stay committed to a disabled person. That’s the way they think. I’m positive, if you became sick they’d bolt in a heartbeat. In that conversation he totally revealed his lack of empathy. They say these gross things in conversation. Listen to what they say. They have alien like thoughts.

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            • I can totally hear a MN saying that. “I think it’s selfish to expect a person to stay committed to a disabled person.” Their thinking is twisted. Good becomes bad, bad becomes good, black becomes white, the sky is green because I said it was.
              My ex said the most inappropriate and crude, gross things you could imagine, and didn’t think a thing was wrong with it. Obviously he was doing it for the effect but if you called him out he acted all innocent and hurt, or told you you had no sense of humor. He thought he was hilarious and got so mad when I told him he was anything but.


  3. In response to Mary, Oh my I can totally hear a narc saying that.

    So I have to wonder how the the MN feel about his spouse in the first place, that all it took was for her to get disabled. “Sorry hon, your disabled, I’m done,”. Totally alien like thoughts. More like a robot too.

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    • Yes,…when he said that, I thought, “yucky!!”. I told him he was selfish. I didn’t realize he was a Narc, and I did not know about Narcissistic injuries. Healthy, men like independent women who have a strong voice. Narcissistic men like you to Stroke…stroke…stroke their ego….

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