10 habits of highly psychopathic people.


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  1. When I was looking at the list I was thinking: Hmm…every politician sounds like this….what are the odds?!

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  2. Hot and cold is a definite and might even be a strategy or learned behavior to gain power and control. The feel sorry for me card. They pull that card out so that you trust them. It makes them appear to be empathic and honest. Or perhaps its self pity. They always believe their the victim at all costs. Stories nonstop. I found their attentive somewhat in the begining. After all, they are accessing you. But once they get a clear picture of your biggest fears their attention span is focused on themselves and getting their hook in you so they can ultimately hurt you. They move in fast. They know what to say and they know how to suck you into their own addiction of the adoration/supply you give them. Its all about them. And the minute you become annoyed with their constant story telling. The moment you catch on to the pathological lies. Watch out! They will degrade you. They will convince you that your crazy and discard you. They completely ignore your complaints and never have an answer yo their flaws. They believe they are flawless and anything that goes wrong is because you ruined everything. They tell story after story. Who knows which story is true? I noticed they reiterate the same stories again and again, just like Charles Manson did.

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    • I am so familiar with the “hot and cold” moods these characters have. I think the intention is to keep you off balance all the time. Something could please them one time, and the next time, the exact same thing will send them raging. It makes you feel like you have to walk on eggs all the time. I think they ALL do this.
      I agree with everything else you said too.

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      • When they are cut off in the devalue/discard stage, and tell them goodbye, because their abuse will no longer be tolerated….I wonder what they think when their cut off? Not to mention they have other supply. But I bet they’ll always remember the ones that escape their madness in the get away car.


  3. Hmm. Half of these sound to me like a good description of some psychiatrists I’ve met… Maybe when aliens secretly transmitted their psychopathy genes into the human genome, they also made people with those genes more likely to become psychiatrists.

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